The controversial message from Feliciano Lopez to Monica García: “Tereus”

Monica Garcia The doctor and vice president of the Madrid Assembly since 2015 posted a tweet Share news from El País about the demonstration in favor of public health held this weekend in Madrid. “Madrid took to the streets for seven weekends to proudly defend its public health against those who despise and attack it,” the politician said in her tweet.

To this post, the tennis professional, Feliciano Lopez, answered Screenshot where you can read the definition of the word “tired and tired”.

the User anger It didn’t take long for him to arrive, and someone chided the tennis player for his privileged position compared to the rest of society: “If three bad rackets help you get healthy, Let people who didn’t have that option stand up for the public. He made the accusations against him on Twitter. Feliciano wasn’t shy and answered by saying that “I don’t need lessons from anyone, my mother has been in public health for over 30 years.”

Networks remembers Alba Carrillo

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Subsequently, many people on Twitter saw this comment by tennis player A.J Evidence for the negative comments Alba Carrillo made about him. The relationship between the tennis player and the model was one of the most publicized romances and also one of the most high-profile divorces. The relationship began after a year of separation between her and Fonsi Nieto, the motorcyclist with whom she had a son, in 2013: after two years they married They broke up after a few months.

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To say that the relationship ended badly between the two is an understatement: after the divorce, the model expressed on various occasions the torture that marriage to the athlete entailed. The young woman came to assert in a humorous tone that she feared marriage with the Church, in the event that God would force them to be together forever after their death.

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