The concert “Oh my God!” | Aitana and Yatra make three generations of spectators dance at their concert in Madrid

Aitana and Sebastian Yatra brought together three generations of attendees for their concert on Friday at the Madrid Metropolitan Stadium: Both concerts have had children throughout the decade dancing accompanied by their parents with groups of twenty-somethings, showing that their success does not understand age.

Within the La Liga Music Experience event, which celebrated its second edition with this, The union of both artists on today’s poster coincides with one of the most publicized moments in the singers’ career.immersed in a relationship.

With a stadium still not full, the yatra opened the last part of the event, which was closed by Aetana, under the motto “Biodes of the Year”, accompanied by his new choreographic body: “Sutra” songs and chanting. The “traitors” heated up the atmosphere by flooding the stadium with the big party that the Colombian promises every time he steps onto the tables.

“No matter what show I’m doing, I always enjoy singing these songs,” thanked the singer, who highlighted the luxury of sharing the bill with “great artists” like Aitana, whose mention by Yatra elicited shrieks of ecstasy. attendees.

The vocal interlude in which the interpreter had time to hang up the guitar and sit down at the piano marked the halfway point in his recital: songs like “Christina,” which some couples in the audience took advantage of to dance along to theirs. Arms around each other, the very popular “Devuélveme el corazón” or “Un año”, sung under the light of mobile phones, gave way to the second part of the party, presented by “As of today”, the first Spanish hit.

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“He couldn’t be here tonight but he told me to ask how the instruments are,” he joked before translating “As of Today,” a song recorded with David Bisbal in its original version. Robarte un beso”, which he dedicated to his native Colombia.

Yatra repertoire

Aitana’s “Perfect Girl” was loudly reminded by some of the attendees dotting the track, and after her, the climax of “Nobody Else” and “Vagabondo” gave way to “Tacones Rojos” as the entire stadium dissolved in leaps and rhythmic shrieks to the beat of the blinks.

After him, Aitana’s turn opened with “En el coche” while the children rested on their parents’ shoulders: they smiled and thanked, the singer connected “11 Reasons Why” and “Berlin” to cause the cry of most children by following the letter “Your ID Photo”.

“I have to tell you it’s my first time at a festival,” admitted the singer, who had hoped to make the right choice with the hits: the first and longest half of the concert was full of songs “- (Less)” or “Mon amour” or “More than I bet”, as she, dressed as Levi and her crew of dancers, showed off her dancing ability.

The most emotional act of the night was given by “Vas a quedarte”, in which the Madrid audience sang the a cappella choir amidst the tears of the artist, who assured that she would take that moment with her “for all lives”.

The disco beat of “Formentera” closes the battery of songs to give way to a concert coda, presented by a video in a futuristic style, in which the singer and dancers don a T-shirt of “Alpha”, the artist’s next album. The artist who has already toured announced.

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The third change in musical style was noticeable in the lyrics, melodies and choreography, closer to the tastes of the adult audience, to which Aitana “gifted” an unreleased song to conclude later with “Las babys”. Among the dance steps that the audience recited by heart.

The second edition of La Liga Music Experience also featured the participation of American-Puerto Rican singer Justin Quills, DJ Lost Frequencies and the intervention of the Nervo twins, an Australian electronic music duo.

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