The company threatens to replace nearly 8,000 jobs with artificial intelligence

the artificial intelligence came to stay. Chat GPT, Perplexity, YouChat … There are many applications aimed at mitigating some tasks, but the debate has also arisen with them whether they can replace humans in working environments despite the fact that they are not yet perfect. The answer appears to be yes, at least according to the CEO of International Business Machines (IBM), Arvind Krishna.

Non-client-related roles amount to about 26,000 workers, the CEO explained in an interview with Bloomberg, “I can easily see that 30% is being replaced by artificial intelligence and automation for five years.

this It would mean the loss of 7,800 jobsand also relying on jobs that will not be replaced by human capital once employees leave.

positions that would be lost

Specifically, the positions most threatened by IBM’s AI are those assigned to it Administrative functions such as human resources. In them, the company plans to suspend or slow down hiring.

IBM is one of the largest technology companies in the world, primarily focused on cloud and software development. It has nearly 300,000 workers around the world. In addition, he announced the cuts a year ago, though the CEO also confirmed that 7,000 people were hired in the first quarter.

However, Arvind Krishna also pointed out during the interview that although most of the administrative tasks and those that require less effort will be automated in the medium term, other tasks like customer handling, product development and evaluation The composition or productivity of the workforce will not be replaced.

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The latest data is from IBM

According to Bloomberg data, IBM reported a net profit of $927 million in the first quarter of 2023, which represents 26.5% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. For the full year 2023, the company expects revenue growth at constant exchange rates between 3 and 5%.

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