The comic show concludes with a boost to the youth and family audience

After three days of intense activity that saw a surge in youth and family audiences, the latest edition of Comic Hall Closed on Sunday with 110,000 visitors at the Fira de Barcelona-Montjuïc, according to data from the organization. In its quiet second edition, after life returned to normal after complex years of the pandemic and a severe blow to cultural events head-on, comic book fans enthusiastically turned to the event.

After recovering in person and without strings attached last year, the event concluded with a similar number of visitors. In 2019, the last year before the pandemic, the comic book fair recorded 112,000. But The comics industry is experiencing one of its sweetest momentsas confirmed by recent studies, especially thanks to the manga’s base installment.

In statements to the EFE agency Meritxell Puig, Director of FICOMICthe organizer of Comic Barcelona, ​​was shown “Very satisfied with the positive data achieved”that meet visitor expectations. For the competition director, the replenishment of the “fans” and children and young people “who show such great enthusiasm” was especially important in this 41st edition. They are essential, remember, because they are “the readers of the future.” He added that although it was still too early to assess exhibitors’ sales, the perception he had reached from publishers was “General Satisfaction”.

The bulk of the cultural activities were very crowded thanks to the influx of traffic from Exhibitions dedicated to Daniel Torres, Alex de la Iglesia, Zippy and Zappy The most famous twins in comics. David Lopez, Jenny Espinosa and the humor wizards With a large group of authors dedicated to graphic humor. Also highlight a file Tribute performances dedicated to the late Carlos Pacheco, the protagonist of a heartfelt tribute that also gathered his colleagues and fans in a packed boardroom over the weekend. This initiative was complemented by an auction of the originals and prints of the group exhibition itself. The auction has over 2000 euros from the collection which will go to the ELA (Spanish Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association).

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The desire to listen

Notable, in turn, is the noticeable increase in attendance at various round tables, master classes, interviews and meetings with artists. It is also worth highlighting the expectations arising from the meeting between Zerocal Carehugely popular in the Italian cultural sphere, who has seen his comics transformed into an animated series for Netflix, musician and multidisciplinary creator Firmin Muguruza, with general delivery. Many of them participated in Comic Vision, a section dedicated to the intersection between animation and the world of cinema.

The session presented by the director Alex de la Iglesia next to Joanne Tritz To talk about the film director’s relationship with the world of comics and role-playing games, the poster hung at full capacity. In this version, Comic Fantasy has been integrated, with associations and clubs that have been able to present their interesting proposals to the public.

Comic Kids success

One of the best news in this version is that the family audience is now more visible than it was in the previous version. Proof of this is the file Comedy Zone Kids That was very busy all weekend, with Comic workshops to go beyond the little onesas well as the rest of the space proposals, the highlight Comic book session who came to have the unexpected presence of author Alvaro Ortiz. In addition, Cómic Barcelona continued to bet on the youngest this year, presenting a large program of talks and activities for schools and institutes, which were a complete success and filled the room with much-needed youthful energy.

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One of the novelties in this year’s edition was comic phasea different space was welcomed Podcasts and live radio shows how Territory 9 From RNE and Spring Pro Talksbut also Concerts, competitions and reviews.

Writers and new talents

Related news

Ficomic also wants to highlight the remarkable presence of female authors in this year’s edition, both nationally and internationally. The exhibitions by Magas del Humor, Genie Espinosa, and Gran Premio del Comic Barcelona to Trini Tinturé show that women are capable of achieving gender balance in the world of comics.

Comic Barcelona wants to continue supporting the creation beyond the event itself, announcing that it will soon provide all details of a Grant for new talents in collaboration with Lyon BDwhich will provide access to a three-month residency at the Graphic College of Lyon.

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