The College of Industrial Engineers rejects the cost of electricity for companies, describing it as “unbearable.”

The College of Industrial Engineers of Madrid (COIIM) considers it necessary to find solutions for the future “to the current unbearable situation of the cost of electricity supply for the Spanish photovoltaic industry”.

Thus, they state, the current electricity pricing system “is losing its raison d’être in conditions such as those we have seen in recent years, which has led to Serious consequences Such as unsustainable price increases. The electricity market price in Spain increased from 42 euros per MWh in the period 2014-2020, to 112 euros in 2021 and more than 210 euros in 2022.

«Government measures, such as the so-called Iberian exception, allowed prices to be no higher, but Spanish industry non-competitive compared to our main European competitors,” says Fernando Soto, an expert from the college’s energy committee.

He cites as an example that in France they have the “arene” price, which offers prices between 42 and 46 euros MWh, while Germany has “millions of dollars given to companies to ensure their competitiveness. In addition, long-term contracts in these countries are The majority and with the separation of prices from the daily markets, which is a problem in our country that is not achieved before Lack of liquidity in the market long-term”.

Fernando Soto explains, “We need Market development To which one can go for non-emitting energy at stable, durable and reasonable rates for a large part of the consumption. The current daily market must remain as an adjustment market to cover the rest of consumption needs.

In the short term, it will be necessary, according to Soto, to maintain the cuts this year Fees and charges Electricity, especially consumers who use electricity heavily. In addition, indirect CO2 compensation to industry must reach the maximum allowed by the European Commission, which in 2023 is estimated at around 500 million euros, more than double the 244 million included in the state budget.

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In the medium and long term, experts from the Energy Commission consider that “we must bet on keeping the park in service Spanish nuclearTo extend their operating licenses up to 50 years ». They also highlighted the need to promote “clearly and decisively” the contracting of electricity through long-term contracts (PPAs), as it “will allow the achievement of stable and competitive prices, unrelated to the cost of gas.”

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