The collection day at Caixabank, Santander, BBVA and ING

Another month is coming to an end, and with it, many are anxiously awaiting the payment of their monthly salary or bonus. The same applies to retirees, who will again next November receive the amount that corresponds to them annuitiesalthough this time it will be accompanied by great joy: they will also be paid Christmas bonus.

There are many beneficiaries who receive this payment in 14 annual payments, which means that these pensioners can receive an additional amount of up to 2 times per year the usual, and the amount is the same as the amount of the normal monthly payment. Both contributory and non-contributory pensioners are entitled to these exceptional payments, although not all pensions have an additional payment.

The great doubt comes as to the date on which it was made November payments It will start accessing the respective accounts. This spending usually depends on the bank and may vary by month. But when will you pay pensions this month? This is what the major banking entities say.

When will retirees receive the November pension?

The social SecurityThe body responsible for administering pension payments, in its Regulations for the Administration of Payments to Retirees, specifies that such credit must “appear in the beneficiary’s account or be made available to the beneficiary at the cooperating financial institution on the first business day of the month in which the payment is made and, in any case, before the day Fourth of the calendar.

However, it is common for banks to advance the date of this payment a few days before the first day of the following month, so these payments usually arrive Between the 24th and 28th of each month. Thus, the collection day may vary depending on the bank and the month of the year. According to the 65 and over website, this will be the date each pension bank will pay:

  • BBVA: Friday, November 25th

  • CaixaBank: Friday, November 25th

  • Bankya: Friday 25 November

  • Santander: Friday 25 November

  • Sabadell: Thursday 24 or Friday 25 November

  • ENG: Friday, November 25th

  • KutxaBank: Friday, November 25th

  • Abanca: Friday, November 25th

  • Ibercaja: Friday, November 25th

  • Bankinter: Wednesday, November 23

  • Engineers Fund: Tuesday, November 22

  • Cajamar: Friday, November 25th

Thus, there will be many retirees in Spain who will receive their extra Christmas wages on November 25th, coinciding with the Friday that ‘Black Friday’.

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