The children rescued in the Colombian jungle stayed for four days near the plane, waiting for help

the Indigenous childrenAfter being rescued in the Colombian Amazon after a plane crash, they stayed for four days near the plane, but when they saw it hadn’t arrived, they started walking to try to get out of there, one of their grandparents revealed Monday.

They sat around the plane for four days waiting to see if someone could come and pick them up.Narciso Mokotoi, the grandfather of the minors who went missing for 40 days, said that since they could not be found, they began walking “in mountain paths,” Eve reports.

In statements released by the Ministry of Defence, Mokotoi confirmed that this was told to him by Leslie, the eldest of the four children, who also told him that after leaving the plane They walked aimlessly And every night they left clues in the places where they slept, in case someone was looking for them.

The 13-year-old Leslie was highly praised The heroine of this story human improvement because, with her knowledge of the forest, she was responsible for the care of her siblings, Soleni Mokotoi, 9; Five-year-old Tian Noriel Ranok Mokotoi, and Christine Neroman Ranuck, one-year-old.

The minor also told her grandfather that they had escaped death The first days in the jungle eating “fariña”It is a flour prepared from cassava and is a traditional food of the indigenous people of the Amazon region.

Survival lesson

After the accident, seeing that the rescue did not arrive, he removed the fleeing from the bag Leslie, one of the three adults who were traveling with them on the Cessna 206 and who died in the accident that occurred on May 1 in the jungle between the departments of Caqueta and Guaviari, the grandfather recounted At the Central Military Hospital in Bogota, where the children are recovering.

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The three adults who died in the accident were the children’s mother, the pilot and an indigenous chief in the area. According to Manuel Ranoc, the father of the two minor children said yesterday: Leslie tells him that her mother “was alive for four days.” Before dying, he told them to “go away” in search of help. However, the children’s grandfather points out that this is a lie in an interview with “Semana”.

The four minors were found on Friday in a remote area of ​​the jungle where some 200 soldiers had searched tirelessly for weeks, including Army Special Forces commandos, and indigenous people from the area, all of whom are integrated into “Operation Hope.”

After the rescue, they were flown by a Colombian Air Force (FAC) helicopter to San José del Guaviare, Guaviare’s capital, where a C-295 configured as an ambulance picked them up and took them to Bogota.

baby bottle

Grandpa recounted that Leslie made the one-year-old bottle-feed, because she “gave her a little bit until the water ran out,” and after that she started giving her only water.

“By the time they were found,[Leslie]says she could no longer walk. I was already very tired, very tired. So they gathered in one place and sat down. The little girl was between her legs when they found them,” Mokotoi said.

While details of how the children survived their 40 days in the jungle continue to be revealed, the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) will retain custody of them until family problems are resolved between the maternal grandparents and Manuel Ranoc, the father of two of them, who on Sunday asked to be allowed to live with four minors in Bogota.

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