The case of the girl who was raped, tortured and had her throat cut off has become a political weapon against Macron

The kidnapping, torture, rape and beheading of a 12-year-old girl, Lula, has become a political weapon against the government Emmanuel MacronAccused of negligence and incompetence of the police.

Dbayeh B. was arrested. , 24, an Algerian temporarily residing in France, was accused and imprisoned for the crimes of “rape and murder after acts of torture and brutality” against Lula, last Friday, in a neighborhood of the region. north of Paris.

It took the police and justice 48 hours to discover the accused and imprison them. However, the first disclosure of the identity and administrative status of District B. sparked a very deep, very dark controversy.

The young Algerian entered France a few years ago as a “student”. He still had “temporary” residency documents, but remained for months in an “Outside Territory Obligation” (OQT, duty to leave national territory), a very “flexible” administrative situation.

Foreigners in OQT are not always expelled, and they tend to get lost in France relatively easily. Dbayeh was not b. Registered and did not commit a crime until last Friday.

lack of integration

Faced with this situation, Marine Le Pen, president of the National League (AN, former National Front, far right) accused Emmanuel Macron’s government of “irresponsibility”: the province. Mr Macron’s government is lax on immigration. The government is unaware of the enormous feelings aroused by the drama that touches the heart of the French people.

On the far left, Alexis Corbier and François Ruffin, the leaders of La France Insumisa (LFI, populist far left) not only use this language, but they also decry the incompetence of the police, insisting on the apparent horror of a heinous crime.

Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, former spokesperson for Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of the Republic (conservative), is the main culprit of government inaction, and responds this way: “There is a lot of outrageousness in the people. Who has turned this horrific story into an election pamphlet.”

Far from the barbarian tragedy, the case of District B. Outrageously the fundamental problem of immigration from North Africa and Africa, when the lack of integration of many French Muslims (between 5 and 6 million, in a country of 68 million) provokes a permanent crisis. Bitter discussion.

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