The Cabinet gives the go-ahead for the Sorolla year

The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Eseta, approved this Tuesday the Royal Decree according to which the National Committee for the Commemoration of Centenary of the death of Joaquín Sorollaan interministerial collegiate body that contributes to highlighting the painter’s personality and his contribution to the world of Spanish arts and culture.

The draft Royal Decree, in compliance with Article 27 of Law 49/2002, of December 23, on the tax regime for non-profit entities and tax incentives for nepotism, aims to establish the aforementioned National Committee, to serve as a tool to promote different activities Which is celebrated in the astronomical calendar.

a program

In accordance with this royal decree, the preparation of the program will correspond to the Fundación Museo Sorolla “given its fundamental role in the promotion and dissemination of the personality of the painter and Knowledge of his artworkThe chairmanship of the commission will be subordinate to the Minister of Culture and Public, and the City Council of Valencia will also form part of it, in addition to the Autonomous Government of Madrid and the City Council of Madrid.

As Levante-EMV, of the Prensa Ibérica Group, announced today, the Council of Ministers intends to approve in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday the A royal decree regulates the commemoration Sorolla year in all Spain. For this, the National Committee will be formed as a collegial interministerial body attached to the Ministry of Culture and Sports and all institutions that are, in some way, related to the life and activity of Sorolla will be part of it.

This royal decree had been expected to be approved in other previous councils, however In the end they are not bred. On one of those occasions, the report of the Ministry of Finance was missing a Sorolla General Proclamation of the Public Interest, so that companies cooperating in the celebration of the centenary could be subject to a special tax regime. Currently, this committee does not have a set budget for centenary promotion.

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Special Regional Committee

As soon as the government declares the Year of Sorolla, the Generalitat also plans to approve its decree organizing the activities and to appoint a committee to manage them.

Both the commission promoted by the government together with other institutions, such as those set up by the Generalitat, will have to close the program with which they want to remember the Valencian painter, who died in August 1923. For the time being, under the umbrella of this is the inauguration and proclamation of the centenary Various exhibitionssuch as “Origins” now on display at the Sorolla House Museum and later to be held at the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia.

The Prado Museum also opened last year an exhibition that brought together various pictures of the artist, some of which had not been shown in Spain for decades.

Content of the decree

The royal decree of the year of Sorolla provides for the establishment of an executive committee as a certification body, because according to the additional clause 64 of Law 22/2021, of December 28, on the general budgets of the State for the year 2022, the celebration of the program “100 years of the death of Joaquín Sorolla” is considered an event of interest Exceptional public for the purposes of Law 49/2002, issued on December 23.

This committee, chaired by the official responsible for the Ministry of Culture, will be the body responsible for developing and defining plans and programs for specific activities in accordance with the provisions of Law 49/2002 and certifying the adequacy of expenditures provided to the objectives and plans of the support program.

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The Royal Decree also regulates the presence of the Sorolla Museum Foundation in this event, given its fundamental role in the promotion and dissemination of the personality of Joaquín Sorolla and the knowledge of his artistic work. “It is understood that it is a suitable entity for program development, benefiting from the department’s infrastructure while ensuring financial solvency in developing cultural activities,” says the ministry.

The institution will be responsible for preparing the program of activities and actions that result from the implementation of the program 100 years since the death of Joaquín Sorolla, which will be approved by the National Committee; As well as the physical realization of the actions and activities that result from the implementation of the said program.

The National Commission will be a collegial interministerial body, in which, in addition to representatives of the General Administration of the State, other administrations and persons of recognized status or representatives of private or public institutions, who are related to the study of life and education and also participate in the artistic work of Joaquín Sorolla. It will be attached to the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the General Secretariat for Culture and Sports.

The presidency of the body corresponds to the current Minister of Culture. Mikel EsetaVice President of the Secretary of Culture, Victor Marcus. The plenary session, whose tasks include approving the program of activities of the National Committee, will be integrated, on behalf of the general administration of the state, by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs. There will also be the head of the State Association for Cultural Work, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts, the General Sub-Directorate of State Museums, and the Sorolla Museum Directorate.

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The committee will also include representatives of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Community of Madrid, the Diputación de Valencia and the City Councils of Valencia and Madrid. A maximum of eight members will be appointed from among persons of recognized standing or representatives of private or public institutions, which relate to the study of Joaquín Sorolla’s life and artistic work, or are dedicated to the advancement and promotion of national or international culture.

No increase in public spending

230117 Sorolla Indoor L-EMV.

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The Ministry recalls approving this royal decree It does not mean an increase in public spending Because it does not involve an increase in salaries, nor in endowments, nor in other employee expenditures in the service of the public sector, since the work of the National Committee will be attended by the personal, technical and budgetary means of the Ministry of Culture. and sports. All positions of the National Committee enjoy honorary status, and it does not receive any remuneration for the exercise of its functions.

The duration of the support program for this event will run from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024.

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