The business model of this Japanese: 66,000 euros a year to rent in order to do nothing

Shuji Marimoto He has a story It has gone viral Following the decisions you have made in your life. This Japanese went to university, got a graduate degree and a family. However, despite having “everything” in life, he was not happy.

but, He did not enjoy his work And he decided to start his own business. a Business based on “hiring” to do anything. After five years of providing this service Shoji confirm it “They hire me most of the time because of loneliness”

Business idea in 2018

after Come to your business ideaMarimoto launched his first Twitter service where he is hired by people who want to feel human company at any time. torn Your job on June 3, 2018Therefore, you have been working with this business idea for 5 years.

Shuji Marimoto is 39 years old and points out that many clients want to take them places despite or live experiences They don’t want to spend it with family or friendsAs reported by the Japanese BBC World.

After five years of service, Shoji has amassed a total of 270,000 followers on Twitter platform par excellence. It’s the social network you use to advertise your services, soAnd people know him on Twitter.

What does your service consist of?

Marimoto is listening to the problems of the people who contacted you. Eat and talk with them He even gives them advice. These are the tasks you usually do the most. They even hire people who don’t want to feel lonely. As reported by Shoji to BBC World, They even hired him to star in the movie Farewell at train stations.

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As Shoji said

How much does Shoji earn from this business model?

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This Japanese has arrived to collect 100,000 yen, to change some 80 euros per day. On the day it can fulfill about three requests.

these numbers As a result Marimoto get profit About 66,000 euros per year.

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