The Burnin’ Barnacles leaps into commercial cinema without ceasing to be raving

Can barnacles catch fire? Would you laugh so much if I drew one on your arm? Barcelona teenagers asked this and other questions laden with metaphysical meaning Fernando Martinez Fernandez And Juan Gonzalez Gutierrez, Today in their thirties, while they were dying of boredom in Theresianas in Gandoxerre. Then this was the name that would make them known as Collectively, Burnin’ Barnacleswhich jumped from being a particularly silly joke to saving them from the aural vulgarity to which their original titles condemned them.

Juan studied at ESCAC and Fernando, Nando’s, went into fine arts – he doesn’t want to talk about it too much -, he got carried away by his friend’s cinema and soon they became a tandem mobilized Weird, experimental, long shortsAnd The Queen of the Lizards, which they managed to implement based on a lot of creative daring and saved €20,000. “When we started, we were so into the Internet, we sat on heels Come to the nuns, Chanant And some Barcelona comedians like Carlo Badial & rdquor;Nando explains.

Now, at the Malaga Film Festival, the couple has met Golem’s cool conditionAnd Leap into consideration for commercial cinema, Thanks to the efforts of the production company Aquí y allá, a professional budget and a cast that will face directors who have struggled so hard with a song in their teeth. There is nothing: Price Ivy (in a role far from Paquita Salas in which she claims a new manhood), Bruna CauseyAnd Anna CastilloAnd Louis TosarAnd Roberto Alamo And Now AlbertAnd In addition to Javier Botetwhich needs a separate explanation.

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humor in another way

Cusí and Botet, who starred in Their Day The Queen of the Lizards, on their way to becoming Burnin’ fetish actors. With a non-standard physique, a product of Marfan syndrome, very thin, Botet worked in Hollywood and especially with Guillermo del Toro. The biggest challenge for the filmmakers was putting the unlikely couple on the same plane because Potet is two meters taller and Cozy is about 50 cm shorter.

The appearance of these two directors is distinctive: “We intend to use humor in a different way, recapturing the importance it has for us, taking it away from being just a little entertaining, looking for a message and an aesthetic without giving up that the viewer passes through it. Well & rdquor; explains Juan. WhatHow to explain Burnin’ eccentric style? It’s an authority on WhatsApp groups, pop aesthetic Almodovar, courage Wes AndersonHarm Big Lebowski Or some gif seen around: “It was awhile extremely confidential, the crazy ZAZ movie, in which a guerrilla fighter beats up a Nazi soldier who falls from a tower and smashes ceramic shards on the floor. We liked it very much and thought about what would happen when the family had to identify the remains. This was the crux of the story.

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This idea also fuels the shock – in all respects – first golem sequence, Referring to the memorable credits of the series mad men, and makes it quite clear that we are on the ground. A very crazy sci-fi story in which collapse becomes possible after it is discovered that there are golems – clay dolls made by a corporation – that have replaced people and death from crushing a piano becomes an epidemic due to an algorithm failure.

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It is this couple’s eagerness to distort reality that has made many The parties involved in it are not recognizable “In a juggling that generates a pleasant tension & rdquor ;: there is a tussar taken out of context,” like Julio Iglesias out of place & rdquor ;; Nao Albate babbling, Álamo with a wig and a big challenge is to identify Tito Valderde. “The script was almost finished but we didn’t consider it finished until we made characters with them.

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