The builder asks Sanchez for the Public Works Price Review System so he won’t leave his housing plan abandoned

The government brought together public housing authorities, unions and the real estate sector on Monday to add support in housing-related measures that they use as a sign on the doors of the 28m election campaign. A plan where there is the Housing Act itself, but also an ambitious program by which the Executive intends to collect and package 184,000 affordable social rental homes over the next few years. For this, promoters and construction companies will be a key ally in the success of the plan. The latter conveyed some of the demands to President Sanchez at the meeting so as not to fall on deaf ears. Among them, the permanent establishment of a price review system for public works such as that which was exceptionally operative in the context of the war in Ukraine.

This is how they tell this newspaper from the National CNC Masonry Association, the employers present at the meeting. “We told them that if a system of economic rebalancing of public works contracts is not created, few companies will be interested in these projects or they will be left abandoned,” its president Pedro Fernandez Allen, who highlights the good synergies, points out to this newspaper. Found during the meeting. “We appreciated the meeting because it is good that this issue has been raised to the importance it is given. We agree that the solution lies in increasing the supply of housing and land, and for this it is necessary to cooperate between the public and private sectors, ”explains the head of the employers’ association.

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This was not the only request they referred to the government during the meeting. The construction sector also called for measures to attract more workers to the sector, after the complex tensions it witnessed recently. “There are 184,000 homes. President Sanchez told us that five workers per household needs more than 900,000 employees,” explains Fernandez Allen, who adds: “Either an ambitious shock plan is launched and young, unemployed and immigrant women are trained or it won’t work.” “

In this sense, they also asked the government to extend the implementation periods of the projects financed by the European recovery funds beyond July 2026. “We have to do an analysis of the land, prepare some specifications, bid, moor and deliver home and in those times it will be difficult, despite the fact that we World leaders in this sector.

Finally, the builder also required the executive that municipalities and communities stop entrusting works tenders to other public companies. Fernandez Allen laments that last year’s orders from the local and regional departments of media such as Tragsa and Ineco doubled. “They make giant public companies and take activity away from small and medium-sized companies in the sector,” adds the CNC chief.

In general, the construction company very positively appreciates the meeting that took place on Monday at the Palacio de la Moncloa. The meeting was chaired by the Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez, Other members of the executive branch also participated, such as Minister of Transport Raquel Sanchez, First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs Nadia Calvino, and Minister of Defense Margarita Robles. In addition, representatives of up to eight entities and groups from the public and private housing sector attended.

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During the meeting, representatives of the executive authority highlighted the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors to implement their plan for 184,000 homes and benefited from To present all your plans to promote homes for social and affordable rent, as well as the benefits of a housing law that the real estate sector regrets had no voice. “Our goal is to work together in search of synergies that will help us achieve our goal,” said Minister Raquel Sanchez, in a press conference after the two-hour meeting.

As a starting point in this alliance, tomorrow the Cabinet will approve an ICO line of 4,000 million European funds to build 43,000 affordable homes for rent.

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