The brands represented by Dani Alves distance themselves from the footballer

on January 2 The 23-year-old woman allegedly Dani Alves raped her He testified before the Central Sexual Assault Unit of Mosos de Escuadra in Les Corts police station in Barcelona. For an hour and a half, the victim told investigators how he got to the VIP room at Sutton Nightclub With Dani Alves And A Mexican Friend 30 last DecemberHow did he end up in the bathroom where The alleged attack took placeWhat happened inside her and how did she behave Then room crewwho did not hesitate to do so Activate the protocol Against male aggression And Mossos d’Esquadra alert.

This open investigation has made many companies Detect who worked with the soccer player Your intention not to renew and Distance yourself from the soccer playerVision They gave up many of their sources of income. Footballer He can charge between 30,000 and 50,000 euros every three months Image rights. There are many brands that have removed their image from the company’s publications:

Sports betting 1 xPartner

the betting company books For the soccer player to announce This froze your current contract So far and payments that were earrings no They will be paid up to four months At least.

also, The company removed it of your ads and their social networks.

Hygia Health

the Brazilian financial company Elvis asked to Remove from social media All posts in it It will be affected and called brand.


last of Clothing brands made by soccer players The representative has informed him of this No payment will be made At least until you get rid of the burdens that you have so far. also, They also communicated They will not follow Using his personality as an example of the brand.

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Suspension of contracts

your income To advertise for many of the companies he worked withHe even went so far as to ask any of them for money for public scandal That this has shaped and left its mark on the brands it represents.


he It was the first brand to operate and He breaks up with the soccer playerAs the news came. unable to Get out of jail or spain The player can no longer meet its obligations to trademarks as wellAs mentioned earlier, the issue of sexual assault harms the entity’s image. They fired and stopped paying Elvis and they did too 5 million claim request dollars for damages to the company.


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cThe contract that the footballer got with this brand It’s my most important thing. The contract was already four years And it was a date End of the Qatar World Cup 22. In fact, the contract is over 30 days later From the date of The end of the competition (Meet the date only when Dani Alves case broke).

It’s a contract It lasted nearly four years Deserve signal 262 million euros, variables by Achieve sports goals.

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