The Black Novel | Summer resurrects the “comfortable mystery” phenomenon, the friendlier facet of crime

The third novel Australian humorist Benjamin Stephenson It begins like this: “Everyone in my family has killed someone.” [de esa frase toma el título]. Some of us, the most efficient and productive, have killed more than one person.” For his part, Twyford codeAnd From Britain’s Janice Hallett, renders Tribute to Enid Blyton At the same time, he invites you to decipher a mysterious mystery based exclusively on audio recordings. Both authors, each with their own ingenious weapons, have come to support an editorial trend begun by A.J alive During a Pandemic, A Plea to the Reader Who Was Looking for Escape: Convenient crime also Comfortable secretvariable Nice From the detective novel which he takes as a reference to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, drinking from The golden age of the genreIn the 20-30s of the twentieth century.

The arrival of summer has revived Launching new titles that add to the sub-genre comfortable affiliate Not to gowhere the person known as the abyss – The challenge of guessing who the killer is by following the clues left by the culprit, like the detective on duty, usually an amateur, but most searching Putting a spin on the classics Cluedo’s Riddles and Novels. They have already opened watermelon, in Leasing 2021 German David Safire – and detective Miss Merkel (Six Parral) – British SJ Bennett – who participated in Windsor knot Salamander also turned Queen Elizabeth II into a detective – and English comedian Richard Osman – with whom he began Crime Club Thursday (With their elders they also participate in the inquisitors; Espasa/Column) -.

Strange Mafia Stevenson Family

“I felt the world was too dark to want to add more to my books, so I looked fondly on the golden age of crime. Writing a ‘locked room mystery’ like this gives me pleasure and can help the reader. ‘To escape a bit from Real world, laughter and excitement.” In Everyone in my family has killed someone. (planet/pillar), that my producer Big Little Lies It will turn into a series for HBO, worshiping in a secluded mountain hotel, where the dead bodies, the Cunninghams, “homicide greats” and indeed a strange mafia family will appear.

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The protagonist, Ernie Cunningham, who writes books on how to write detective novels, is ignored by his family because in the past he denounced his brother to the police, who is accused of murder and has just been released from prison. When Ernie thinks out loud or talks to the reader in an attempt to solve a mystery, It’s actually me, the author, solving the plot myself!notes the Australian. Via Ernie, brake Fourth wall And he creates a metal game with the reader, who gives summaries to the participants and, already in the introduction, details of the pages on which he will find the various deaths. “At first I thought many would go straight to those pages, but surprisingly most don’t. It’s okay if they jump to it, I designed the book that way! But it seems people like to go back once they come to those parts, to check if I’m cheating, he says amused.

Precisely because no one cheated the 10 Commandments of Detective Fiction by Ronald Knox It was set in 1929 by the authors from the Scout Club of which they were a part Agatha Christie, Gilbert K. Chesterton or Dorothy L. Sayers. Stevenson himself writes the Ten Commandments at the beginning of the book. But you don’t have to follow them to the letter. They’re just working on writing the “fair play” mystery novel. Ernie always says “his truth,” says one who admits to “enjoying coming up with creative, diabolical ways for his characters to send each other off.” Here, the murderer, the Black Tongue, uses an ancient Persian torture technique.”

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Away from the detective plot, Stephenson conveys the idea that we “place great importance on having the same blood in our veins. Ernie learns to accept that the invisible bond of blood is not as strong as surrounding yourself with the one you love in order to make your own family.”

Tribute to Enid Blyton

to Janice Hallett, Thanks for the applause the appealAnd times She has been called “the Agatha Christie of the 21st century”. In 2021, it is the second best-selling debut crime novel behind Another Convenient crimeAnd Crime Club Thursday By Richard Osman, and complements the TV version. In that case, he solved a small-town murder through emails and WhatsApp. his new book, Twyford code (Attic of Books), which just won in Book of the Year: Crime and Thriller Award 2023From the British Journal Book sellerhe has too Unusual narrative format: texts 200 audio recording by a missing ex-convict’s phone, Stephen Smith, who comes into the hands of a policeman. For a long time I was a screenwriter for films and television, working with dialogue and with Email messages, audios, messages and mldr; He was directed to novels. This allowed me to enhance the characters, ”explains the writer during her visit to Barcelona, ​​​​which confirmed that her novels are less Kindly And that’s it Convenient crimesas in his case, contains “mysteries, though not on ‘gore’ or unpleasant and on the solution of the mystery”.

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And for him The mystery, or rather, that the reader knows Smith is investigating thanks to his audios, is the disappearance of his teacher 40 years ago during a school trip. He shares with her a novel by a famous children’s author, Edith Twyford, who is believed to have hidden clues in her books with a mysterious code. Through it, Hallett makes Tribute to Enid Blyton, author of youth series such as the five.

Fascinated by all kinds of symbols, Analyze the episode with a thought puzzle, in his way, he believes, to “leave a mark on the genre”, while trying to free himself from “comparisons to Agatha Christie by avoiding stereotypical characters”. And there is Smith, a man born into a broken family, with a criminal past, who warns that he is a liar and is characterized by his lack of relationship with a son he did not know existed. “He’s a well-meaning survivor, out of options. He wonders what his life would have been like if he had been educated.” Hallett explains how “reading is the catalyst for getting out of crime. In England, 50% of prisoners are illiterate and have difficulties reading or writing. Knowledge can give them more opportunities when trying to re-enter a job and they are not forced to commit crimes.” .

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Sergeants Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton

Both Stevenson and Hallett are indebted to Agatha Christie, and in the case of the Brits also to Enid Blyton, authors battered by abolitionist culture, which claims to remove sexual, racist, and imperial references from their books…,”There is nothing wrong with appreciating texts as written in the context of their times.” What you need to do is understand that language and situations evolve.” “Without Blyton I would not be here, but I am aware of its negative parts,” says Hallett, “and it is a pity that they erase and lose the words of authors, as also happened with Roald Dahl. I am not in favor of rewriting all works but it is also true that you have to adapt to the times the new “.

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