The big change that managers desire is now available!

It would be nice to be able to make changes to formations during the day.” The a la carte menu “that we have prepared for you, you can quickly correct it and avoid eating any ‘doughnut’ from a title that does not have a score. By default, three changes will be allowed, Although the “bulky” composition of tournaments will allow you to do much more. Of course, only the administrator can modify it.

Get free credits

To be more competitive in the new Fantasy BRAND you have to invest, that doesn’t mean spending money every 2×3. Virtual currency can be obtained for free by watching videos (10 credits), Win someday official leagues (1000 at the top MARCA, Premier, Segunda and Serie A) and other pool or tournament play. Remember that the credit system is optional in Private Leagues and the extra excitement and features they offer you are:

Changes during the day: Once the day has already started, it allows you to change any player (whether scored or not) to the player who hasn’t played a minute yet.

additional formations.

Load the player’s phrase without spending your balance.

Shield players: No other user will be able to “steal” a player from you while they are armored. It is allowed to cover it for two weeks or one month.

canceling the contract: It allows you to sell one of your players to the market and deposit money instantly; 80% of its value. Option key when you are negative before the start of the day.

See the number of bids Obtained by all market players.

* You can buy credits in the Store, at the top right of the app and on the web.

You choose the rules of the game!

DOWNLOAD THE NEW FANTASY BRAND HERE WITH MORE NEWS THAN EVER! With new contests like heroes or prime! with More awards! And with more customization options!

The big change that M

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