The best WhatsApp trick to add a touch to your messages

WhatsApp is much more than just a messaging app. At first this was just his main goal, but once he achieved it and saw the popularity he had Added a lot of features (And those coming soon.) Option to send photos and audios cartoon also attachments These functions have also been improved.

But the thing did not stop there, because you can also customize the messages themselves. In other words, we are used to the default font of the application, which is nothing but the classic font, but elegant and very readable. Helvetica New But that doesn’t mean we can’t use others.


The app, which may already sound familiar to you, is called “Fonts” (Fonts, in English) and it will allow you to move away from the classic bold, italic, and underlined fonts we’ve already taught you how to use in another article.

Once you install this appwhich is suitable for both iOS and Android, You just have to follow the steps of the application, of which there is no any kind of loss. It will ask you which language to use, activate the keyboard, accept permissions, and choose the keyboard by default.

When the quick configuration process is done, enter WhatsApp and when you go to send a message you will see it Above the keyboard, different fonts will appear, So you can use the one you like the most and diversify it. It is useful not only to break out of the routine, but also to highlight or emphasize certain words or phrases and make your interlocutor pay more attention to them.

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Moreover, it is one of the Great benefits of the application. It may be that only the new font can be seen by you, but this is not the case, because the other person also sees the font you chose.

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