The best trick to avoid moisture when washing and drying clothes

Rain is a bad ally to achieve wash. The cold and rain make it difficult tend clothes Outside, if you don’t have one dryerThis is a problem in many homes. This is why many people resort to hanging clothes indoors.

If you are one of those, we are going to break down a series of tricks that will help you in this task.

  1. Put The washing machine more often, so that you do not accumulate a lot of clothes to hang. This way, you will have more space to dry.

  2. on clothesline sheets space between clothes So it dries more easily.

  3. Go to Hangers for hanging clothes Thus facilitating the subsequent drying process.

  4. Place a clothesline or hanger close by radiators to take advantage of the heat they give off.

  5. open the Window In the room where you intend to dry clothes to avoid moisture.

To combat dampness in the home, prevent walls from being damaged, and most importantly, address the health problems involved, the supermarket chain Lidl It has a product that sweeps the sales for its quality and price. It is located at about a dehumidifier Portable We can put it in any room of the house and get rid of happy moisture. “Dehumidifier with interchangeable, washable filter and spill protection. It works plugged in,” they explain on the page. Its price is 88 euros and it can be purchased online.

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More and more users of this supermarket chain are going to one of the chain’s stores with the sole aim of getting one of the prepared food products. To this has been added the impulse that these stores have given in recent months to the bakery, an area of ​​rapid consumption where all kinds of sweets are offered and also various artisanal breads which in many cases have made some customers’ pleasure.

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But if there is something that has made Lidl so valued among its customers, it is undoubtedly its policy of promotions and discounts. Several weeks ago, the German supermarket of origin broke all records by giving every customer who spent more than 20 euros a portion of a toy supermarket. In fact, one customer who managed to do it all posted a photo on social media to the applause of many who were thrilled she had accomplished such a feat.

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