The best travel destinations in 2023, according to National Geographic

If you want this year invest in some Unforgettable memories around the world and want to make sure you choose a good place for learning and spiritual growth, the National Geographic Magazine Posted what Perfect places To make a wonderful vacation in 2023. They are categorized by community, nature, culture and family.

in item social communication We find GreeceSpecifically the Greek island Karpathos, which belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago. On this fun island you can enjoy its unique beaches, Olympusand churches boat trips or activities such as diving.

grown ups Milwaukee Lakes They are also a must on this list. located west United StateWhere you can enjoy the famous author’s beers in a cheerful cultural atmosphere at all times.

If we follow the route across the American continent, the obligatory destination is Albertawest of the Canada. In this city with a long original history, influential Snowy landscape and the enlightening nights.

Another very good option is in Southeast Asia. Laos It is a country surrounded by mountains and ruins French colonialism what Tourists leave with their mouths open.

We are taking a giant leap to Africa to explore a culture Ghanawhere is the diversity From nature, animals usually steal more than one heart.


In section nature The place you must visit at least once in your life is Botswanawhere great Biodiversity Makes you feel like you are in a wildlife documentary. Scotland It is also included in this section, that is heights They are considered the focus of Celtic culture.

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Countries that must be visited for their authentic culture are Egypt Where archeology fills you with wisdom. Busan in South Koreawhere a visit to the Nakdong River is mandatory; via Appia in ItalyIt will transport you to the time of the Roman Empire; Charleston in the United StatesIt will make you realize the slavery he experienced growing up.

If your idea is to travel in familySome of these destinations should be included in your options, because they exist multiple options One of the family activities that will not lack laughter, in addition to Dreamscapes It will make you feel in another dimension.

Alpine villagesSwiss

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

San FranciscoUnited State




New Zealand

UtahUnited State


Revillagigedo National ParkMexico

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