The Best Toilet Paper, According to the OCU: It’s not all a matter of layers

Toilet paper is an essential product in any home. However, when we go to the supermarket and encounter a full shelf Different brands and types The decision can be somewhat complicated.

Study on OCU reveals that, in general, Quality Significantly out of toilet paper finest More than two years, but this is his The price has gone up. It also shows that the organic supply has increased and white brands are becoming favored by consumers.

appreciate that one User standards When choosing what kind of product to buy, it is in this case number of layers what’s wrong with that. However, having more layers is not synonymous with more paper grams per roll. To determine the best toilet paper on the market, they compared several factors: Number of services, roll length, gram and prices.

OCU has prepared these charts so that consumers get an idea of ​​how much paper they are buying and how much they are paying depending on which roll they choose.

How many layers are in the best roll?

roll Two-ply toilet paper is the best-selling type And according to the study in question, the most interesting option in terms of quantity and price:

  • The two layer combined coils are: long, those that have More quantity of the product and the elderly The number of uses.

  • Serving size varies by brand and model.

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On the contrary, if you prefer rolls of 3 or 4 layers, You must know what they are better for its quality. They have more absorbency, great softness and a great touch.

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OCU selection, white label

Little by little, private brands are dominating consumer choices, overtaking major well-known brands. The same thing happens with toilet paper, for which OCU has highlighted three options:

  • Auchan 3 upper layers of Alcampo.

  • Bosque Verde toilet paper double roll from Mercadona.

  • Esselt 2-ply toilet paper from Aldi.

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