The best chirigotas for the Cadiz Carnival 2022

Carnival is approaching. Next From the 16th to the 26th of February The holidays will be Cadiz Carnival 2023. The importance of these dates is not limited to the festive atmosphere and its importance in some regions, the tourist flow they attract. In fact, the Cadiz Carnival bears the title of a party International Tourism Service.

One of the most iconic parts of this celebration is jokes, Choral bands sing in the streets. It usually consists of several people, but in general, it usually consists of between 7 and 12. To accompany sounds – of different pitches, generally contralto, second voice and tenor – they are used typical tools of the region, Such as guitar, bass drum, snare drum, and güiros.

Quake 2022

It is celebrated every year The official competition of the Cadiz Carnival groups (COAC) at the Gran Teatro Falla. It is the most important mass competition of the Carnival in Spain and is part of the official program of the Cádiz Carnival as one of the main dishes. Four different methods are established to select the winners: choirs, quartets, comparsas and chirigotas.

Undoubtedly, whoever gets the most predictions at the international level is the latter, and these were last year’s winners:

The Message, The Gospel According to Santander

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This chirigota was crowned the undisputed winner by getting highest score. After the group decides not to appear in the previous edition due to the death of Manolo Santander Kawe, the group decides that his son, Manolin Santander, Take the reins The predominant theme was the meta-carnival and absences that occurred, deploring that when the city needed them “Many of you will be afraid.”. This was his grand final statement:

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Kai’s cheeks

a group Juan Manuel Braza Benitez SheriffJuan Perez and Roberto Fabio Gomez. He decided to sing a criticism of the oppression suffered by the metal workers during the strike. In fact, they went to “Businessmen and politicians are nonsense” To tell them that “shipyard problems cannot be solved with tanks.” This was his grand final statement:

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