The basic requirements that the bank gives you if you want to collect a tenth of the Christmas lottery

Every day there is a little to celebrate Christmas lottery. Thursday December 22nd The Christmas lottery draw takes place at Teatro Real Madrid. quotation He waits anxiously Among the clients of such tickets are those who dream of earning a small pinch. However, with this illusion, there is always uncertainty about how much money you really receive if you win the Christmas lottery jackpot, or how you should proceed if that is the case.

Everyone wants to be one of the lucky ones who win the long-awaited Christmas lottery. However, most people don’t know all they can do when they win a prize. The quantities can be very crunchy, as they are distributed 2.520 million euros And the number of winners can be very large. We tell you what you should know if you are one of the winners.

When I got the award

Winners must claim the prize based on the amount for which they were awarded and where their entry was purchased. From the state’s lottery and gambling website (Seely) mention it, just in case Prizes not exceeding 2,500 euroscan be shipped in Special administration the lottery. However, if it exceeds this number, the procedure is different.

In this case, you must go to one of the authorized financial entities to obtain the money:

  • caixabank

  • cajamar

  • Cagasur Bank Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

  • Ibercaja Bank

  • kutxabank

  • Unicaja Bank

  • Abanca Banking Company

  • Sabadell Bank

  • Bankya

  • BBVA

Bank requirements to collect funds

As in all things, the bank we go to to collect the prize we have received will require following a specific procedure and meet certain requirements. You are faced with a choice Ticket validation In setting up your web business, remember to ask about Protect to submit later. Failing that, you can too x feet prize.


in case it was Recognized by SELAE Or any of the official apps, that is documents or information Which you must provide on the official website of the company: information required to complete the “documentary identity verification process”, additional information through the “additional knowledge of the player” form and confirmation of the bank account of its ownership.

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When was all this has been confirmedfinancial institutions will begin to make Pay in cash of the prize. But, they will also ask you for certain information to comply with legal obligations to determine the winner:

  • tax regulations.

  • regulations on Prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

In addition, the The deadlines It must be followed and, in this case, established Three months Since you are a winner to go to receive the prize. On the same night that the amount is claimed, it will be the banks that initiate the execution of the transfer They will not be able to collect commissions to pay the said amount.

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