The attacks and violence in Israel do not stop the protests against Netanyahu

Tel Aviv will take to the streets on Saturday for the 14th consecutive week to protest the government’s proposed judicial reform. Neither the exchange of blows between Hamas and the army nor the attacks of the past few hours can do that Mobilization against “dictatorship”commented the organizers. Every time police violence occurs at Al-Aqsa Mosque, the consequences quickly spread to Israel and the Occupied Territories, and the actions of the lone wolves take the security forces by surprise.

The latest coup took place on Friday night in Tel Aviv, where a man armed with a gun drove into the city’s waterfront and ran over a group of pedestrians. A 35-year-old Italian tourist died in the collision and seven other British tourists were injured. Police killed the attacker, a 45-year-old Israeli Arab with no criminal record. This is the third death in a day when two settlers were killed at the gates of their settlement, north of Jericho, and the shooter fled.

These attacks came after a few days that were marked by the firing of rockets at Israel from Lebanon and Gaza, and the army’s bombing of Hamas positions at these two points, a clash that did not result in deaths. It was a brief exchange of blows and neither side seems ready to escalate at this time.

Israeli media reported that the prime minister told the cabinet that Israel was trying Avoid escalation At the same time and on several fronts, amid strong domestic opposition to the government.

New protest

That internal opposition that Netanyahu is talking about will not stay in the house. In this context of violence, the streets of Tel Aviv are preparing for another Saturday of mass protest against judicial reform. The first point in this reform is to limit the power of the Supreme Court and bring it under the control of the executive branch. Opponents of Benjamin Netanyahu comply Fourteen weeks of mobilization And this time they agreed with the police not to walk the streets and to stay on Kaplan Road, the usual meeting point for groups from all over the country.

The organizers issued a statement stating that “the demonstration will continue with a special program and the sharing of the pain of the families of the victims, and in coordination with the security services.”

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