The assistance granted by Social Security to the lowest pensioners

Although average pensions will increase in 2023, there are retirees who, for various reasons, do not reach the legally stipulated limit. It is directed at them supplement to the minimumhelp from Social security which are given to people with the lowest pensions.

To be able to access this benefit, you must have a recognized pension, the amount of which does not reach the minimum level It is established annually in each case; It is not possible to obtain income from labor, capital, or economic activities and capital gains in excess of the income limit determined on the basis of family status. In addition to retirees who benefit from this assistance He must reside in Spain.

complementary minimum You don’t have to ask for itBut the state grants it ex officio to those on very low pensions. In the case of obtaining this type of pension without the limit, if the pension for the year is higher, it is Social Security that completes Until a person reaches the minimum pension.

The limits and details of the minimum supplement are included in the Bank of England, pursuant to Royal Decree 1058/2022, of 27 December.

As specified in the social security journal, these supplements are reviewed annually. As long as the income does not exceed the established limits, it will continue to be received.

There is only one situation in which a pensioner must notify the INSS of their income: those who receive (or plan to do so) throughout 2023 Rents are above limits. In other words, if there are changes in this regard, it must be communicated.

Not to be confused with the minimum pension

As the Department of Integration, Security and Immigration cautions, the minimum supplement should not be confused with proof of life. It has been clarified from the ministry that proof of life should only be submitted by retirees residing abroad to continue receiving your pension.

In this case, it should be done, as every year, before March 31st. Likewise, retirees residing in Spain must not carry out any procedure in this regard or any other procedure with the National Institute of Social Security and will continue to receive their pension as normal.

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