The artists who will perform in the World Cup in Qatar and who refused to participate (among them Shakira?)

It doesn’t matter who wins the title on December 18th. The world Cup of football, which starts on Sunday in Qatar, will go down in history for reasons that have nothing to do with sports. according to guardianAs of February 2021, more than 6,500 workers – mostly from India, Bangladesh and Nepal – have died in the construction of the stadiums. Aside from how women continue to live under the restrictive system of male guardianship, it cannot be ignored that this Persian Gulf monarchy condemns homosexuality with sentences of up to five years in prison. Khaled SalmanRecently, the competition ambassador and former international footballer for the Qatari national team, stated on German channel ZDF that LGTBIQ+ fans who attend the event “must obey our rules.” It cannot be denied that FIFA has put oil dollars before human rights.

Faced with this string of shame, many artists have expressed their refusal to sing at any World Cup-related event. This is the case Rod Stewartwho confessed last weekend to the newspaper times: “They offered me a lot of money, more than a million dollars to play there. I turned it down. It didn’t seem right to go. Also, the Iranians should stop supplying them with weapons.” Dua Lipa, whose name was being considered for the opening ceremony, was very clear about that. I will not act nor participate in any negotiations for this. I will support England from afar and look forward to visiting Qatar when it fulfills all the human rights requirements it promised to fulfill when it won the right to host the tournament.” a story From Instagram, to over 87 million followers.

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Unlike other events, it is curious that FIFA has not yet announced the list of stars that will provide the musical entertainment for the Opening Ceremony. At this time, it is only self-affirmed Jungkookmember of the South Korean group bts. Various international media refer to this Shakira He will sing a song at Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Jour on November 20. However, all of this is just speculation Everything indicated that the person from Barranquilla, finally, was going to give up acting after the many pressures and criticisms he received.. Depending on your environment, you will make your decision public all day long.

Those who seem to be in there are the Americans Nicki Minaj, Colombian Maluma and Lebanese Myriam Fares: all three sign Tokoh takaThe official anthem of the tournament that will hit the platforms flow Friday. Of course, on social networks many of their fans are already accusing them of selling their principles in exchange for a succulent examination.

Doja will host dozens of concerts during the event. For example, it is FIFA Fan Festival – A free stadium with a capacity of 40,000 spectators, in Al Bidda Park, linked to the organization of the World Cup Omar Monteson November 30, and Julian MarleyAnd the Clean bandits also Sean Paulin the following days. Similarly, at both the Doha Golf Club and the luxury W Hotel, they will make stops in the coming weeks black eyed peasAnd the J BalvinAnd the Robbie WilliamsAnd the Jason DeruloAnd the Craig David also ne u, among others. It remains to be seen if, coincidentally, each of them will be canceled for offering to clean up a country image that heralds the complete opposite of their songs.

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