The Art of Writing a Good Resume: From Raffaella Carrà to La Veneno

These are good times for biographies, with an increasing number of titles being published and the recent appearance of books about major figures in popular culture such as Italian singer or actor Paul Newman. We look at the keys to this type of writing to achieve the success that our readers seek

Like when the lights go out in the disco, the news of death Rafaela Cara It was a collective end to the party. Who else, who did not sing the choirs of his most famous songs in Italian or Spanish and lived with his face on television. The Italian woman won the love of the public, which is why on June 5, 2021 the media was filled with obituaries, her music was played in many homes, and candles were lit in her honor. And, of course, there were publishers working on the biography of the artist in order to get an acceptable title as quickly as possible. One of the last to be published in Spain was The art of being Rafaela Cara (Blackie Books) Written by Paolo Armili Translated by Alfonso Zuriaga, with an introduction by Raquel Bellez.

The book has a subtitle Guide to be free and happy. And make love to whoever you wantIt was first launched in Italy and is organized into ten chapters. Each one tells a part of the life of Raffaella Pelloni – the original name of “La Carrà” and relates it to one of the principles that govern his existence such as A new haircut fixes everything As for Better to try and be wrong than to sit idly by. The inspiration for the structure came from another book also published by Blackie Books, How to be Bill Murray (2016) ” Paolo Armelli tells this newspaper.

His work has a purpose beyond an autobiographical narrative. He also says he wants to show “How can anyone be an inspiration, Even for new generations. Everyone has something to learn from Raffaella & rdquor; Armili explains that the aspect of the artist that always attracted him most was her freedom, because she fought not only for herself, but for others as well. She gives as an example the help that Kara provided to her colleagues “in times when women in show business and women in general were relegated to places of marginalization and silence. I think his free life is the brightest legacy he left us.”

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From Libros Cúpula, they also considered that the artist’s way of life could serve as a vital compass for readers, which is why they released their own guide titled Raffasofia: To find Felicità-tà-tàFrom Marina Vicentine Translated by Chiara Giordano and Javier Ichalico. According to the book’s synopsis, “If the philosophers who have discussed the subject over the centuries had a television, they would have found in Rafaela Cara the missing link between man and happiness, and called her ‘the philosopher of pop’. It is a pity not to know what Italians might think of him being the protagonist of these two pamphlets.

The secret of a successful CV

Specifically, Libros Cúpula has just published in Spain another of the most ambitious biographies of the season: The extraordinary life of an ordinary manFrom Paul NewmanTranslated by Francisco Javier Perez Jimenez. If the book really has a hero’s sweet tooth, it also has a historical excursion that adds to its appeal, since part of it is based on interviews given by the screenwriter. Stuart Stern He did with the actor between 1986 and 1991. It was the artist’s idea to write some memoirs to tell the truth about his life, but he eventually repented and burned the tapes. But Stern, astute, kept the copies that allowed him to shape the book along with testimonies from people close to Newman such as Tom Cruise As for Elia Kazan.

“When they passed us the still unfinished manuscript, a year or so ago, I was very shocked because they are so intimate and so honest. They revealed a Paul Newman I hadn’t known as a person and I knew it would be very interesting to the reader,” he asserts. Leticia Sanchez Jimenez Pajarerodom editor. For her, the book brings together Three basic points a good CV should have: This is reliable, this explains exclusive things that were not known and is able to move the reader.

In this case, it was Paul Newman’s family who authorized its publication, which also coincides with the premiere in HBO Max From the documentary about the actor and his wife Joanne Woodward titled The newest Hollywood star. “We think we know a lot about famous people, because we have read everything and seen them everywhere, but if a biography is able to provide new and unknown information, it is able to make it relevant,” says Leticia Sanchez. “Also It helps that it doesn’t focus too much on certain times or aspects Because such resumes can get heavy. Since there are a lot of people talking in the post we’re making right now, it gets a lot more fun.”

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Roca Publishers has a good assortment of biographies and biographies in its catalog, whether of musicians, artists, athletes, politicians or spies. White Pink RockHe, the founder of the publishing house, comments that “some of them did not work with us, for example policies such as Kamala Harris As for Jacinta Arden Because they did not exceed in our country. Those Spanish characters are already gone Amparo Munoz As for Waldo de los Rios They were not as successful as we expected either, they are well prepared and have very interesting documents.

It is essential that biographies tell in a personal way unknown details or the truth in some subject that can be misinterpreted & rdquor;

Blanca Rosa Roca, editor

For her, the key to the success of an autobiography among the public is, from the outset, that the protagonist be recognizable and successful. “Good evening, best regardsthat of Jose Maria Garcia, we sold very well because she’s a very popular character, and a lot of people like her and hate her, he points out. It was another of his successes Hare Pep s the shiftTwo titles about life Pep Guardiola written by Marty Berarnau. CVs need to be Tell in a personal way unknown details or the truth on some topic that may be misinterpreted& rdquo;.

He tells close up

In biographies such as those mentioned by Rafaela Cara, the author and the character are not bound by a personal relationship, which could allow – although on many occasions this is not the case – Objectivity and that the image does not become hagiography. But in cases like that of Stuart Stern, who knew Paul Newman intimately, things are more complicated.

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Valeria Vegas She took on the challenge of writing a balanced biography of a friend in her book He says! Neither a whore nor a saint. Memories of La Veneno (2015). This job meant counting the lights but also the dark parts of a loved one’s life. “I tried to reflect it from a more human and perhaps more unknown side, because television does not usually show this quality. And I did it through a certain subjectivity, says Vegas. “I tried to show the shadows with a minimum of baseness, because in this Case, though she was ready to tell her story in all its bluntness, she always tried to see it dignified in its truth.”

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she has, A good autobiography should be rich in details, and depict streets, places, names and experiences, as he did in his book. “It can’t just be an accumulation of battles and musings, without rhyme or reason. It’s been happening too often lately, I’m afraid.” There are no more open resumesSuch as Pilar BardenAnd the Amparo MunozAnd the Sarah Montiel As for Marisa Medina, pounded in detail rdquor ;. Vegas finds that many of those being published today are “cheap, both in their content and in their containers. A 150-page completion with a huge font and some photos seems to suffice”.

Javier Calvo s Javier Ambrosi They adapted Christina Ortiz’s on-screen flashbacks into their series cm, premiered on Atresplayer Premium in 2020, with Vegas itself playing a small role. Just now directly Nadewska puzzleA documentary about that actress who disappeared from public life after her success. Its release date has not been set yet, but it will be shown on the same platform as the series. Both formats make it possible to tell the autobiography and the key to both is to find the more commercial side, the author emphasizes. “In the case of the book, you have to check For the reader to feel that they are telling him, turning him into a supposed intimacy. And in the case of the documentary, you have to make sure that the story does not become something boring full of talking heads & rdquor;

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