The arrest of the sister of the mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro

He ran the “family home” of the great Costa Nostra chief. Rosalia, Rosita, as she was called in the family, controlled the secrets of the “boss of bosses” in Cosa Nostra, Matteo Messina Denaro, his contacts, as well as the flow of money, which flowed around the mafia boss, captured finally 16 January. The police arrested Rosalia, 68, the eldest of the five Messina brothers, on Friday morning at the family home of Messina Denaro, in Castelvetrano (a commune of 29,500 inhabitants, in the province of Trapani, Sicily), where Capo Matteo was also. child.

The Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses Rosalia Messina Denaro Mafia associationA, because he “handled family money” and was “a reference point for the secret pizzini chain of fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro.” thick of intermediaries, to give information or give directions, and to adopt a cryptographic code language for security).

Rosalia lived alone. He has two sons, one of whom is in prison, and a daughter Lorenza Gottadoro, The 44-year-old, a lawyer, is the defense attorney for her uncle, Capo Mateo. Also in prison is Rosalia’s husband, Filippo Gottadoro, who has always been considered a trusted man for the boss of Cosa Nostra.

Rosalia has been seen on several occasions with her brother. Evidence of their close relationship is the many “pizzas” in Rosita’s house. The codename for the woman in the pizzeria was “Fragolone” (“Strawberry”). It was known that Matteo Messina Denaro used to sign as Alessio, and he provided written quotes, metaphysical musings, with many grammatical errors, to explain his philosophy about driving Cosa Nostra.

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In one of them, he rewrote history, establishing himself as the savior of Sicily: “They built a great lie for the people. We’re the bad guys, they’re good guys. They buried our land with this lie. ” Many “pizzini” refer to the kingpin’s disease. One of them was fatal: there are data on health conditions, real clinical notes of a cancer patient. It was the starting point for the arrest of capos. Matteo Messina Denaro was held in a clinic in Palermo Where he had gone to receive treatment for colon cancer he underwent surgery Sentenced to life imprisonment for dozens of murders He was the most wanted fugitive in Europe and one of the most dangerous criminals in the world A ruthless killer capable of ordering the killing of judges who were national heroes, such as Falcone and Borsellino, Or committing murders out of ordinary jealousy. Accused of dozens of murders, he was sentenced to death.

The prosecution considers Rosalia to be a great manager of the “family home” because she managed the funds available to the family. She followed the orders of the capo and gave the money to a series of people, writing down the income, output and all expenses. It is surprising that with nearly the entire family in prison, and until her brother-in-law’s recent release, Rosalía was not directly involved in the investigation of her brother. Omerta, the complicit silence of many who lived with the financial help of Messina Denaro, has made the historic family home of the head of Cosa Nostra virtually untouched for more than 30 years. In the end, Rosalia also falls for Strawberry, alias Rosita.

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