The amazing proposal received by Pepsi to create a new drink in the Canary Islands

In these times when everything is seen, all companies seek to impress when they launch advertisements. Get more attention from your potential consumer. This is what Pepsi Cola has been doing for a long time in the Canary Islands.

The soft drink company has been advertising on billboards for the island for months with all kinds of messages. The latter leaves no one indifferent.

“To sell more in the Canary Islands, our agency proposed launching Pepsi Mojo Picón. We’ve already changed agencies,” one poster jokes.

In addition, on the same label they explained the following: “No, we are not going to launch Pepsi in the Mojo Bacon flavor because we like the taste of Original Pepsi so much.”

For those who are a bit more daring and left wanting, the company suggests the following: “You can take them together.”

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