The Alliance for Sustained Air Transport was born

The main agents of the business, academic and NGO sectors are creating the Alliance for the Sustainability of Air Transport Spain (AST) to respond to aviation’s greatest current and future challenge: sustainability. This association was born with the aim of promoting the development of sustainable aviation from an environmental, economic and social perspective.

The alliance started today after its constitution was signed by the Board of Directors, consisting of ALA, Airbus, Aena, AESA, Air Europa, Air Nostrum, AOP, Binter, Boeing, CEO, ECODES Ecology and Development , ENAIRE, Exolum, IATA, Iberia, SENASA, TEDAE, Transport and Environment, Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and Vueling.

The signing ceremony, which took place at the Airbus facilities in Getafe, was attended by the President of ALA, Javier Gandara. President of Airbus Commercial Aviation in Spain, Ricardo Rojas; Morrissey Lucena, President and CEO of Aina; AESA General Manager, Montserrat Mestres; Air Europa CEO, Jesus Nuño de la Rosa; Air Nostrum President Carlos Bertomeo; AOP President, Luis Travecido; Pinter’s boss, Rodolfo Nunez; Boeing Global Vice President of Technology Research and Technology Jose Enrique Roman; President of the Tourism Board to CEO Juan Sirco; Associate Director of Just Transition and Global Alliances for ECODES, Mario Rodriguez; ENAIRE General Manager, Ángel Luis Arias; Exolum CEO Jorge Lanza; Raphael Schwartzman, IATA Regional Vice President; the President of Iberia, Javier Sánchez Prieto; SENASA President, Andres Aranz; TEDAE President, Riccardo Marti Floxa; Director of Transport and Environment (T&E) Spain, Isabel Buchel; and President and CEO of Vueling, Marco Sansavini, among others.

This alliance wishes to promote the path of decarbonization of the aviation sector, preferring to identify and implement new technologies and innovative processes in a logical and orderly manner to ensure the long-term sustainability of the aviation sector.

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It is a collaboration mechanism made up of entities from different disciplines, outside of aviation, such as the business, academic and third sectors. The aim is to provide a cross-sectional response that advances this transition towards a more sustainable mode of transport that the aviation industry is committed to. In short, an alliance open to adding more voices to help achieve this goal and relying on the administration to achieve the necessary collaboration between the public and private sectors to respond to this challenge.

Among the objectives of this alliance is to lead the process of decarbonization of the sector, to cover all possible solutions and technologies to achieve this and to strengthen the industrial capacity of Spain to introduce disruptive technologies, in addition to other low-carbon alternatives and circular economy projects. Also encourage public-private cooperation to promote R+D+i and accelerate the development of low-carbon aircraft. Among its other goals is to favor the large-scale production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) in Spain; In addition to promoting the development of initiatives that ensure the circularity of waste generated by the sector. In short, to make Spain a reference country in the development of new technologies in the aeronautical sector.

ALA President Javier Gandara stressed that this alliance responds to the aviation sector’s commitment to progressive decarbonisation, but notes that this transition must be balanced and rational to ensure the environmental, economic and social sustainability of aviation. “This alliance will allow us to find the best path for the transition of the aviation sector to which we are committed, through dialogue and cooperation, uniting efforts to ensure the sustainability of aviation in the future from this tripartite perspective: environmental, economic and social,” stated the President of the ALA Association.

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“At Airbus, we have a clear goal: to pioneer a sustainable aviation sector for a safe and united world. This is the ambition that drives us in everything we do and develop. But it is clear that we cannot go down this path alone, it is necessary to join forces with those in the entire sector, and the creation of the alliance is a significant milestone in this journey,” said Ricardo Rojas, President of Airbus Commercial Airplanes Spain.

The Alliance for Sustained Air Transport (AST) consists of more than 900 companies or entities that provide more than 294,000 direct jobs and a turnover of more than 80.580 million euros.

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