The alliance between stabilizers that promotes commitment to the environment

Vinny Energy It was born in 2008 to meet the social demand of the electrical installation group and to build a company that can compete equally in the energy sector providing differential service. with the Commitment to the environment and local development As main pillars, Feníe Energía – the largest alliance of installers in Spain – has managed, after twelve years of its foundation, to establish itself as the leading independent marketer in the country, thanks to More than 2,400 active workersmostly small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed, distributed throughout the Spanish geography, mainly in rural areas.

Precisely thanks to these energy agents and their installation companies, the Feníe Energía customer has at their disposal the largest network of energy consultants in Spain, through which they receive Close, transparent and professional service, ensuring that you achieve the greatest savings in terms of energy efficiency, reducing your environmental footprint. Likewise, the marketer offers his customers services and products of green energy and 100% energy efficiency, such as installing photovoltaic panels (self-consumption) or recharging points, which reduces their consumption and, accordingly, their impact on the environment. All this demonstrates the remarkable commitment that Fenie Energía has shown since its inception to care for and respect for the environment around us.

Among its main objectives is the generation of renewable energy itself. Actually, she has Two wind farms in Orol (Lugo) and Sorihuela (Salamanca), generated by them 20 MW. In addition, within the framework of its agreement with ID Energy Group, it is in the process of building 11 photovoltaic parks in Albacete and Ciudad Real, with which it will expand its generating capacity by 12 megawatts and reflect its commitment to achieving a climate-neutral economy. .

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Fenie Energía currently has a Strategic plan – Certified as RE-EVOLUTION – which reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, and lays the foundations for decisively contributing to the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. The four pillars on which it is based are the energy transition, committed agents and customers, sustainable growth and strategic alliances.

In connection with the above, Fenie Energía also has a file sustainability policyapproved by its Board of Directors in May 2021, which assumes and formalizes significant commitments related to good governance, the environment and social performance.

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Within the social commitment of Feníe Energía, initiatives such as its extensive network of alliances with various organizations, companies and foundations stand out to achieve a fairer and more sustainable energy model.

In fact, Feníe Energía has recently reached an agreement with the Environment and Development Foundation, ECODES with the aim of promoting Creating local energy communities. Energy Connecting has the goal of leveraging the network of energy agents of Fenie Energía to promote the creation of initiatives that give citizens an active role in the energy transition.

Another great pillar of Feníe Energía in terms of social commitment is its foundation, which was founded in 2017 with the aim of contributing to building a more sustainable world. Its social assistance program “Suma Tu Energía” aims for co-financing local solidarity initiatives With which companies or associations authorized by Fenie Energía cooperate, through a financial contribution, provision of services or volunteering.

For its part, the “Young Agents” campaign promotes a culture of efficiency and energy among primary school students, through training offered voluntarily by the energy agents Feníe Energía in educational centers in different locations in cooperation with the authorized associations. And in the case of Mujeres con Energía, her first solidarity calendar preserves the purpose of Make the professionals in this sector visible So that their testimonies can serve as an example and inspiration for young people who think about their future career. Part of a firm commitment to the present and future of an increasingly green planet.

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