The alleged plans of the Ukrainian president, according to the American leak.

The leaks obtained by The Washington Post after massive revelations of American secrets and classified material on the Discord platform depict Volodymyr Zelensky with ambitions to go much further than what his big partners and financiers – the United States – put forward. And its Western allies – they would like: to attack Russia on its territory in order to gain a better position in the final peace negotiations.

The idea defended by Washington is that it is necessary to arm Ukraine so that it will be able to repel the aggression of a country – Russia – with a much higher military capability. The United States was worried about that 3$7 billion The weapons that I have sent to Zelensky’s government since the beginning of last year have not been used to attack Russia at home.

But Zelensky, according to those US intelligence documents and despite what he reports to the public, has considered launching an offensive in enemy territory. In January, the Ukrainian president suggested in a meeting with military leaders that “attacks in Russia” would be carried out and that his army would “occupy unidentified border cities in Russia,” according to one of the leaked documents.

Western military aid

At another meeting in February, which was attended by a Ukrainian army officer, General Valery Zaluzhny, Zelensky expressed concern about the lack of long-range missiles that could be attacked. “Troops are deployed in Russia.” Instead, he suggested launching drone attacks on enemy forces in the Rostov border region.

The revelation of this intention comes the same week that the UK announced it would send a long-range missile system to Ukraine, the Storm Shadow, which is undetectable and has a range of 250km, compared to 80km for the missiles. HIMARS provided by the United States to date.

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british defense minister, Ben WallaceHe emphasized that the missiles would only be used “within the sovereign territory of Ukraine,” which could mean an attack on Crimea, which Russia has controlled since 2014, but not Russian territory.

Currently, the United States has not taken the step of delivering long-range ATACMS missiles, which is one of kyiv’s big orders. But the reason given was not the possibility of Ukraine using it to attack beyond its borders, but the low stockpile that the US would have to cover its own needs.

The Pentagon has not denied the information received from the ‘Post’.

At another meeting in February, Zelensky proposed attacking the oil pipeline supplying Hungary with Russian oil in order to “destroy the industry of Hungarian Viktor Orban,” according to the leaked document referring to the country’s prime minister, who is considered the EU leader closest to Vladimir Putin.

The Pentagon Post did not deny the authenticity of the leaked documents, but anonymous military sources admitted that the comments about Orban are understood more as “excessive and meaningless threats,” unlike other proposals about attacks on Russia.

In statements to the American newspaper, Zelensky described what was revealed as “illusions” and stressed that “no one in our country issued orders to launch attacks or launch attacks on Russian soil.”

However, the Ukrainian president defended his country’s right to use unconventional tactics to defend itself against Russian aggression. He said: “When so many people die, and the mass graves are tortured, I am sure we should use any trick.”

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