The Aldi croquette that triumphs for its rich flavour

Few foods relate to our mothers, fathers, grandfathers, and grandmothers more than croquettes. A delicious recipe to use and there is war in all of Spain because We all have a family member who makes the best in the world.

There is no greater pleasure than eating some homemade croquettes, whether cooked, pork, cod, or any other bolder flavour. Many groups In fact, there are websites that specialize in trying the flavors of this delicacy.

Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have real croquette masters always making them, so going to the supermarket is a must. Mercadona pork whims are highly valued, but in this case we’ll talk about other croquettes They give a lot to talk about. And not less.

It’s about extension Cod croquette Offered for sale in Aldi is the brand of the supermarket, which is called Aldi Market.

Among its benefits, it contains the right amount of cod so that there is not too little and not too critical as well as the amount of béchamel, which is fair and necessary for them to be smooth and creamy. Not too sticky and not too liquid. at the right point.

Now, it is necessary to point out that it is not a food that we should consume every day because it has a high calorie index, especially due to The presence of bechamelWhich leads to the use of large amounts of fat to high calories.

Also, although they can be made in an air fryer, the most common thing is that to make them perfect, they are fried, and because they are fried, the breadcrumbs absorb more oil, so it is not recommended to consume them on a regular basis.

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