The Academy Awards honor the “Silver Generation”: these are the award-winning actors over the age of 50

  • Michelle Yeoh took advantage of her speech to claim that you can be your best over the past 50

“Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re past the Reese’s period.”Michelle Yeoh asked. At 60, she was the oldest nominee in the Best Actress category at the 95th Academy Awards, so she didn’t miss the opportunity to vindicate the most mature woman in the profession, and she wasn’t the only actress out of the 50-plus cast. He popped up at the Hollywood Academy Awards, and that made a lot of people happy. A survey conducted by a dating app our time revealed that approximately 65% ​​of Those over 50 years of age consider that there is no parity In terms of age in the film industry. But for men, age is not as significant a constraint as in the case of actresses: there was the idea that their only chance of success was at 20 or 30. So far. Candidates over 50 years of age

our time conducted a survey among its users to find out what they thought of the Silver Generation interpreters. The crowd favorite is Cate Blanchett (46%). for his role in the movie tarIt is followed by Jamie Lee Curtis (28%) and Michelle Yeoh (9%).. next to, 48% of those surveyed believe Cate Blanchett or Jamie Lee Curtis (32%) would be a favorite for their role in Everything once everywhere (Everything everywhere at once), who won the award. actress Michelle Yu It took her 59 years to land a leading role in a movie, and the Academy didn’t hesitate to immediately recognize her with one of its most prestigious awards: Best Actress, for her flawless performance in Everything once everywhere. In case Cate Blanchett (53) On the contrary: the actress, considered the nominee for best career by 46% of those surveyed, remains as relevant and award-winning as ever: just a few weeks ago she already won an award for her performance as the protagonist in the film tar.Cate Blanchett (53)

Nominated for Best Leading Actress (TAR) preferred by 46% of users our time48% think they will win

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Jamie Lee Curtis (64)

winner Best Supporting Actress (Everything at once everywhere – everything is everywhere at once) Favorite by 28% of users, 32% think she will win.

Michelle Yeoh (60)

winner Best Leading Actress for Everything once everywhere (everything everywhere at once)A favorite of 9% of users, 11% thought it would win.

Angela Bassett (64)

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) is preferred by 5% of users, 9% thought it would win.Candidates over 50 years of age

In the men’s categories we also find a large number of candidates over 50 years of age, starting with Jonathan K Kwan (51 years old) Category winner Actor support by Everything once everywhereeven the impressive performance of Judd Hirsch is 87 years old In The Fabelmans, the audience’s favorite among the cast Bill Nighy (21%) followed Brendan Gleeson (19%) and winner Brendan Fraser (16%). And Brendan Fraser had the best chance of winning, according to 35% of the users surveyed. Brendan Gleeson (67)

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Anisherin from Inisherin) preferred by 19% of users, 27% thought it would win. Brendan Fraser (54)

winner Best Leading Actor (Whale) is favored by 16% of users, 35% thought it would win.

Bill Knighty (73)

Nominated for Best Leading Actor (Living room) is favored by 21% of users, and 19% thought it would win. Judd Hirsch (87)

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Fablemans) preferred by 8% of users, and 12% thought it would win. Jonathan K Kwan (51)

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winner Best Supporting Actor (Everything once everywhere) is favored by 7% of users, and 8% thought it would win.

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Best placed directors

In case managers, once again we find the Silver Generation, in which well-known names such as Steven Spielberg (76), Todd Field (59) and Martin McDonagh (52) stand out. in this category The favorite was Steven Spielberg (63%), followed by Martin McDonagh (12%). Martin McDonald (52)

nominated for Best Director (Anisherin from Inisherin) is favored by 12% of users, and 18% thought it would win.Steven Spielberg (76)

nominated for Best Director (Fableman) is favored by 63% of users, 72% thought it would win.Todd Field (59)

nominated for Best Director (tar) preferred by 7% of users, and 10% thought they would win, whether it is achieving the highest recognition in the professional field, taking on a new challenge or finding love, in the app our time They emphasize that age is not a limit. “And Those over 50 are in their prime yearsThey are more active and self-confident than ever because they know the best is yet to come,” they said.

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