The 10 most famous Met Gala dresses

the met gala born in 1948 With the aim of opening the Costume Institute’s annual Fashion Show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and raising funds. At first there were only the great riches of Manhattan’s high society, but now an appointment has become an event Most anticipated of the year by “celebrities” (And the many viewers who follow her around the world).

calls Fashion Oscars They took the momentum in 1995, when the head of Vogue, Anna Wintour, He took the reins of the party and opened it to luxury guests from cinema, music and … in recent years, to “influencers”.

he exhibition theme Each year serves as a guide to fashion The coolest, most complex, and sometimes quirky You can imagine it.

This is a review of some of the dresses that caused a sensation in the latest editions of the fabulous fashion night.

Rihanna (2015)

The theme for 2015 was “China through the looking glassand the Barbados Diva Presented with a Dyed giant fox and silk coatHandcrafted for 20 months and wt 25 kilos due to the embroidered stones. In China, yellow symbolizes good luck and is the color reserved for emperors. Rihanna’s design was from the Chinese company Guo Pei.

Lady Gaga (2019)

In 2019, Lady Gaga She was one of the hosts of the night and was able to keep her “clothes” for posterity, because, in fact, she was. Four garments in one, like an onion, I took off like a striptease. He arrived at the Met with A.J Fuchsia maxidress with Cape, XL bell sleeves and extra skirt, plus size Brandon Maxwell. From there go to Form Big black skirt. then to a Fuchsia Satin Style Spaghetti Strap Pencil Dress. The evening ended in Lingerie set: bra, pantyhose and black transparent stockings, A very theatrical and sensual style that pop singers usually wear.

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Kate Berry.  Jennifer Graylock/PA WIRE/DPA

Katy Perry (2019)

The singer’s presence is always one of the most extravagant of dates at the Met. In 2019, Al-Maqsood was stunned by suit lamp It consists of a short crystal dress, from which lights and chains emerge, to produce an elegant and impressive chandelier. The piece, which looked like something out of the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast,” was a work of art Moschinoand he had already walked the catwalk in 2016.

Beyonce.  Reuters

Beyoncé (2015)

In 2015, Beyoncé chose A A golden model, signed by Givenchy With transparencies of tulle and multicolored gem-encrusted paper, strategically placed, covering only the most intimate parts of the ‘Renaissance’ artist. The dress was custom-made and made by the brand’s creative director himself, Riccardo Tiscito be worn only.

Jared Leto.  Reuters

Jared Leto (2019)

If at the 2018 Met Gala he made up Holy Trinity with Lana Del Rey and Alessandro MicheleThe following year, he outdid himself, proving himself to be a unique genre, between messianic rock fetishism and postmodernism. The topic is ‘camp’ [la indumentaria exagerada, lujosa, abigarrada o basada en tendencias antiguas]and Leto took too long Red dress with large shoulder pads. All adorned with sparkly ornaments and a bag that was a replica of her head. crazy gore Gucci.

Madonna.  Reuters

Madonna (2016)

In the 2016 edition, the theme Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology. Madonna was heavily criticized for dating A.J Black lace dress With many sheer sheets that left her butt and breasts almost exposed. The design was a job Givenchy. “No, I wasn’t nervous,” said the Queen of Pop, who got her start at the Met Gala in 1997.

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Kim Kardashians (2019)

king Thierry Mugler Create this outfit “Nude” and “naked” for the impossible silhouette of the “socialite” (The first design designed by the famous 1980s fashion designer in 20 years). Tighter than a glove, the A.J wet effect with the help of one crystal constellation which were distributed throughout the “appearance” and seemed to float around the body of the businesswoman.

Sarah Jessica Parker.  stock struggle

Sarah Jessica Parker with Alexander McQueen (2006)

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in 2006 Met Gallery It was intended for British designers. Anglomania, was called. The first time the ‘Sex and the City’ star attended the big fashion party, she did so with one of her best looks, and by the designer who created it, the late Alexander McQueen. Refaat the tailor and actress 72 conjoining steps of the museum. She, with the iconic tulle dress with lace she wore under a dress Checkered tartan

Harry Stiles.  Reuters

Harry Styles (2019)

the singer Harry Stiles He was also one of the hosts in 2019, and his wardrobe has left a respected stunner. a The “total look” in black by Gucci It consists of high-waisted black pants, which appear to be wearing a scarf, Transparent shirt with ruffles (leaving all the various tattoos on her arms and torso visible), high-heeled ankle boots, and pearl earrings.

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