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Soaring temperatures and sweltering heat have already arrived, and with it, so has he Precautions which must be absolutely necessary. But what is clear is that there are certain areas in our country that have very high temperatures. This is the case pomegranate A municipality with barely 500 inhabitants Andivalo district in HuelvaWhich recorded the highest temperature in Spain for three consecutive days with numbers not dropping below 43 degrees.

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That seems amazing heat reach these high numbers. But here’s what happened, on Monday, at 4:10 p.m., 44.4 degrees It is the day when the highest temperature is recorded after the 43.8 degrees set by the thermometer on Sunday and 42.7 on Saturday. These temperatures are difficult to deal with as they can cause certain situations that are harmful to health such as Heatstroke, fever or malaise.

The truth is that this temperature record in this municipality is not the first time this city has witnessed it, and the city of El Granado holds this record, as it reached 46.6 degrees Celsius in 2018, and therefore it is not its highest temperature. Its residents live in Heat wave at its best Therefore, the only way to survive is to be in cold areas, use fans, air conditioners, and take a shower in the pool. Forecasts indicate that temperatures will continue to rise in the following days the maximum temperature will be 41 degrees, 4.4 less than the maximum recorded.

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