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We spent the day Surrounded by mobile devices and connected to the networka digital world too You need your own security measures and this worries a lot of people. The truth is that cyber security is one of the growing concerns of many users because digitization is happening in our lives. Although it is an area that many users do not care about, the fact is that We must learn to value this aspect of our digital identitysince Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more common.

That’s why we must Learn how to handle our information and above all protect itThere are many dangers on the Internet and we must be careful when accessing links or downloading some mobile applications.

Check if the app is secure

to Check if the app is secure It is recommended Lay off through applications App StoresBecause they filter and make sure that the content they provide is reliable. however, Many malicious applications are able to bypass screeners And access to users, although, fortunately, there are many of them verification methods to prevent invasions.

In general, it is recommended that Pay attention to the origin of downloads we do because problems usually come from downloads from third parties They did not pass the necessary security controls. This can be the first access door for cybercriminals who can infect our devices or steal information from us.

Android devices have a feature called google play protect, It is allowed to check vEasy downloads from Google Playthis mechanism analysis Applications to discover possible Riskssecurity threats or problems. Although it is recommended Check out the privacy policy Of applications and pay attention to other details.

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This is links The same privacy policy can redirect us to malicious links with irrelevant information. That is why it is convenient to review them before proceeding with their download. Anyway, Google Play apps usually have a Verification confirms its authenticityand this is handled by the function Google Play Signingwhich generates encryption keys with which developers sign software.

Another small detail What to consider is:

  • number of downloads

  • date launch

  • last to update

  • incident from security

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