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Spain has more than 29 million pets, according to data from the National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers. The number of animals and the boom in this sector has led to the development of innovation in health and food. But this fever is already pointing to an unexpected new niche: “gadgets” meant to entertain pets through devices and apps.

The pet tech sector had sales of $5,000 million worldwide last year. It is expected to offer a compound annual growth rate of around 20%. The turnover in 2028 will reach 2028 million dollarsAs per expectations. The catalog of “Smart Games” offers is diverse. CleverPetFor example, it is an educational dog game that works with WiFi and a console. frolicata It is his version for cats. robot rocky It entertains pets when the owner is not at home, a mechanism similar to that of the Furbo. BZZBZZ Like an intelligent and connected bone it competes with GoBone. iFetchone of the most popular games, is an automatic ball launcher.

Technology applied to animals provides benefits for their health and entertainment. Francisco Sanchez Castaneda, a clinical veterinarian and deputy secretary of the Official College of Veterinarians of Seville, relies on technology in his clinic, where he performs advanced surgeries. He understands that innovation is advancing in the pet world. “It’s normal because we live in a digital age. This is a sector that has many advantages for the life and welfare of animalsSanchez Castaneda comments. This vet supports the use of technology to entertain pets: “In everyday life, there are many things that owners put aside, such as entertainment. Animal welfare affects all levels. It is not enough to take him to the vet and follow a good diet. Some breeds show anxiety if they do not exercise and are stimulated.”

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Pets have more and more choices for leisure. Spotify, a streaming platform for listening to music, gives you the opportunity to prepare a file Pet playlist. It was created thanks to an algorithm that adds certain user-provided details about the animal, such as personality, to the user’s tastes. Sanchez Castaneda estimates that “certain tones or musical concepts calm animals and can have beneficial effects.”

Physical activity for a dog or cat is essential. They apply to KiwikoPet store chain. Products sold here are from manufacturing companies. Ramon SanchezOwn Brand Manager reveals the things customers prefer: “Automatic ball launcher that gives the animal a prize, a kind of bazooka to shoot the ball in the park, or electronic mice, or laser pointers, which cats love.” Sanchez discovers a greater interest in the welfare of pets. “Most of these games are designed so that they can have fun on their own. It is a stimulus so that the dog can do more than sleep, avoid stress and gain weight. And more active dogs tend to live longer.”

Maria Murillo Martinez s Augusto Vargas They are Technopets distributor partners, which presents in its catalog “tools” for entertaining pets. According to Vargas, “The Internet of Things in general and pets in particular is experiencing significant growth with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic as an accelerator. Technology and pets are two industries that if they come together, we would have success model». They point out from Technopets that feeding technology can be combined with game technology: “By measuring the animal’s movement, it is possible to calibrate the amount of food it needs.”

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growth margin

Entertainment devices are a new vein in the huge and growing business of “pet technology”. “The term was coined in the United States around 2016. It started appearing in Spain two years ago. Because applying the concept of technology to animals in this country was nothing short of science fiction.” Talia PonmatyCEO of Dinbeat.

Although creating and manufacturing “tools” for pet entertainment is an idea that has not been fully explored by Spanish startups, the application of technology to their well-being is already being born. Innovative ecosystem in clear progress. “Now there are companies committed to developing technology in this sector, but in Spain it is very difficult to find investment for the early stages of the project. We are always behind countries like the US, Germany or the UK.

The star product of this company one denbit, which is an array with sensors that allows for the first time the monitoring of non-anesthetized animals in veterinary hospitals in real time and without cables. The product, intended exclusively for professional use, contains a file alert system To notify vets immediately if a patient needs attention. It is currently marketed for dogs and cats in 10 countries, but a version for horses will be launched in the coming months.

Home automation is also making its way into this sector. Dinbeat is preparing for the first half of 2023 to launch its “Dinbeat Home Devices” suite, a package of interconnected devices that will allow Take care of animals too when you are at home. The goal is to reach a pre-diagnosis. “We are not a company that sells products, we are a data company,” Ponmate explains.

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