Tarragona | Miami Beach is located in Spain on the Costa Dorada

It is not necessary to cross the Atlantic Ocean to find yourself in the middle of a place with a monolithic name, much less to find a coastal point with all the ingredients to treat ourselves to some Unforgettable vacations.

We continue to discover the Costa Dorada, in the province of TarragonaAnd this time we arrive in a small town, barely a few decades old, where the coastal landscapes of the Costa Brava blend perfectly with the irresistible sands of the Costa Dorada.

A success story born in the fifties

To the south of the majestic Colldejou mole face-to-face with the Mediterranean Sea is Miami Playa, an attractive spot on the Costa Dorada which, despite its name, is one of the two most important urban centers in the municipality of Mont-roig del Camp.

The contrast between the marked agricultural character of the interior of the municipality stands out strongly with the touristic reality of Miami Playa, which over the years has become a reference for holidays on the Tarragona coast, even with A story that is more than three-quarters of a century long.

Born from the initiative of Marcel lí Esquius i Garcia, who saw at the beginning of the fifties the great opportunities offered by this point for the development of sun and beach tourism, Miami Playa has grown urbanized since that moment claiming the pristine coast an area that combines in a certain way the landscapes of the Costa Brava, the climate and the splendid sandy banks that made the island famous. The Golden coast.

Only 38 kilometers separate Miami Playa from the city of Tarragona and the population development during the decades of its existence has been remarkable, but it currently represents a holiday destination with a much calmer atmosphere than the traditional tourist centers of Costa Dorada, Cambrils and Salouwhich are only fifteen and twenty-eight kilometers away, respectively.

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Gorgeous bays and beaches

Miami Playa Beach is a stretch of coastline that begins north of the Luster River from the town of Hospitalet de L’Enfant. In this section there is a wonderful concentration of nine beautiful coves following one after another in a jagged and choppy coastline, complemented by many sandy beaches with gems such as Crystal Beach, one and a half kilometers long and several tens of meters wide. Media display and blue flag as a hallmark of its quality.

Playa Cristal or small coves such as Les Sirenes, del Solitari, Misteri or California They are essential places that leave an excellent taste in the mouth of anyone who comes to see this strip of Mediterranean coast.

Meanwhile, the large promenade that runs along Crystal Beach and reaches Anchorage Hospitalet de l’EtfantIt gives life to this coastal town thanks to the presence of bars and restaurants.

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Outside the park, apartments and hotels cover all the accommodation needs a holiday would require in the area, occupying both sides of the N-340, renovated in recent years and transforming into Avenida de Barcelona, ​​showing tourists a more fun side. than before, thanks to popular infrastructures such as the bike path.

Miami Playa means long-distance destination that keeps up landscape essence Which made it so attractive in its early days, with icons such as the “Torreó”, a round tower that rises above Solitary Bay and Sant Jordi Bay, forming one of the many postcards that this port city offers us along its coast.

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