Taking things from hotels: What many people do and no one matters

It is one of the most common practices that most people will admit to having done at some point. But, what can you take with you and what can’t you take with you after your hotel stay?

Most people admit that they have taken something from hotels. Many of them do it as a “souvenir” Or simply to save “money” on some everyday items. For this reason, hotel chains have an annual budget for means of comfort (Welcome items included in the room), but also take into account that on many occasions the towels will go on a trip with the guests and never come back.

considered that The means of comfortFruits and sweets are gifts that hotels give to their guests. However, the same does not happen with the rest of the things in the rooms. Outside of what customers are allowed to take away, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about which items will be a target for the smartest is Bedding, pillows, bathrobes or towels. But it goes much further than that.

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you deep down, but a lot of people have chosen to make much more random things of their own. Expensive LED bulbs on the market, televisions, remote controls, paintings or various decorations in the room … the list includes Everything is part of the room furniture It can be put in a bag or backpack.

Humans can reach incredible levels of daring and there are even those who are ready with tools to steal very various things from the hotel. Will you take the towel holder from the hotel? What is the internal mechanism of the TV? Well, there are people who have done that. Lure Take a small gift from those holidays They flutter in the minds of most customers, even though they often know that when they get home, these products will never be used.

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According to the study Jetcost, 81% of Spaniards admitted that they had taken something from the hotel they were staying in. This figure contrasts with the Danish figure. In contrast to the Iberians, 88% of them stated that they had not stolen anything from the room during their stay. Conversely, 69% of Britons are likely to take this type of product.

Perhaps the problem is (at the very least) that people are not entirely clear about what they can take with them after their stay at the hotel and what not. This usually depends on Contract terms.

In general, amenities, pens and notepads. This “compliment” responds to a fairly obvious reason: they are the things that It is usually marked with the hotel logo or chain, and they get free ads in return.

What can’t you or shouldn’t take with you?

As a general rule, any technological element. These are meant to liven up and make your stay more comfortable, so you can’t fit in when you’re done. Also, the towels, bathrobes, pillows or books you find in the room do not belong to you. The reason is the same, but it also addresses a personal hygiene issue.

These are the 10 most ‘stealed’ things in hotels:

  1. means of comfort From the bathroom and sometimes the stairs where they are served.

  2. Towels and bedding.

  3. Light bulbs, remote control batteries…

  4. Stationery, pens, “notebooks”, magazines, bibles, plates…

  5. Flowers, fruits, vases or baskets thereof.

  6. Minibar bottles that are often drunk and undisclosed or filled with water and other liquids.

  7. Ceramic cutlery, cutlery, cups and mugs.

  8. Pillows and quilts inside.

  9. Towel rails, hair dryers, mirrors…

  10. Electrical appliances: iron, clocks, wall lights.

What other bad habits do we have when we stay in a hotel?

We ran a survey on our Instagram profile and asked followers about the most common mistakes tourists make in hotels. The data was as follows:

  • Smoking in rooms: 38%

  • Leave AC running: 29%

  • Reservation of sunbeds with towels: 19%

  • throwing food out of buffet: 14%

Could you be penalized for taking things from hotels you don’t own?

With the recent amendment of the Penal Code, if the economic amount in these petty thefts does not exceed 400 euros, now they are punished by Article 234 of the Penal Code as follows: Petty theft offenses with a fine of one to three monthsWith fees ranging from two hundred to four hundred euros per day.

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If the value of the stolen goods reaches more than 400 euros, the penalties for the crime of theft are increased to imprisonment from six to eighteen months.

In general, if you have doubts about what you can or cannot do in a hotel, and what is or is not allowed to take with you at the end of the stay, it is enough to use common sense.

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