Take Us to the Countryside, Natalia Lafourcade | Party at Vegetarian Nights

Take us to the field, Natalia. Who scratched your skin when you were a kid. The one who discovered life for you among bamboo and coffee plantations. There is where I learned the true meaning of the act of love. Not in a romantic sense, of course. Rather heavenly. Well, the purest dictates of the heart are those that relate to the root you have planted so much. Your Veracruz has cows grazing and cicadas squeaking. The nights are warm. The Jarucho Sea in the background inspires you. There’s also your guava, that almost miraculous tree your mother pampered to provide for her family. How beautiful is Natalia. You know her well. Being down to earth is such that when guitars and trumpets take center stage in your songs, a tender melancholy prevails. Your throat is glassy: You sing of the past with admiration for the present. And no box resists. For you, emotions are as basic as words. This is why your parties cause so many sighs. Last night, there it was. Madrid held his breath until he could take it no longer. So, we just had to look you in the eye. and accompaniment.

I have appeared in Vegetarian nights silent. Show seriousness of what was about to happen. She sat, wrapped in a black skirt that took up much of the stage. I grabbed the guitar. I have searched. Suddenly a voice Poet Maria Sabina blessed the ceremony: Treat yourself, Megyta, with the kisses that the wind blows on you. And hug the rain. Be strong barefoot. You took a breath and, in response to the shaman, uttered your first two verses: “I came into this world alone. I will die alone.” Declaration of intent that predicted the Accurate, down-to-earth and honest approach That’s what I did for 120 minutes. There was joy and aversion, hope and anger… with your field always as a map. Wait there are weaknesses and strengths that have strengthened you, which you now explain with the impulse given by the years. Wounds rang out, relief rang out stories Take me to the wind, little hummingbird And the right place. Three themes are part of of all the flowers (2022), a songbook with a warm beat and instinctive outbursts where you make Latin American folk genres your own.

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Your loyalty to the ancestors makes you resounding. There are so many experiences deposited in you that it is impossible not to feel close to you.. In your words, the pistils, stamens and petals of all those you address are self-evident. Which is funny because, at times, it seemed like you were referring to us. This is how your writings are: universal as they are personal. “How much love, how I feel it here,” I remarked to the pizpireta. With the innocent delusion of someone who hadn’t been to Spain for five seasons. Then I began with the song that, given the political context swirling around you, I was so happy to hear: My way of wanting. In it, captivating and powerful, I said: “I don’t care if you are a man, if you are a woman. I see you as a being of light from head to toe. Palm trees didn’t take long, of course. And with your skin still on at last, our invitation to think about sensuality (V Sing the sand) and the grim reaper (in death). In the latter, I was also quite clear: “The palm trees, the reed beds and the beaches of Veracruz gave strength to the light that was lost in abundance & rdquor;. The field, again.

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With the rough cut, I left. Giving importance to the six-piece band that surrounded you. A few minutes later, I walked in, refreshed: I removed my maxi skirt to slip into an orange-coloured, gold-detailed ethnic dress. Perhaps, a warning about the audio tour you were going to take: You’ve got your file covered hundred years Pedro Infante and full moon melody by Simon Diaz. but, I reached the top with crying baby. Inviting and heartwarming, she has transformed this classic Mexican folklore into the perfect eye drops against the ulcers of fate. This is exactly one of your great virtues: If someone needs to restore peace, connect with grief, or find wealth, just listen. Well, your art consists of an energetic principle so powerful that it can quell the fierce impulses that sometimes end up controlling us. You are fine without exception. This is the result of the artistic versatility I have developed in this 25-year career. As an example, the stomping you instigated is relieved Unity and the seaThe one you called your sweetheart Rosaline and Silvia Perez Cruz. Together with the latter, plus you saved My last sad song, belonging to the last LP of the Catalan. And with turmoil what we buildI entered everything.

In fact, you did not stop. In this second half, I moved from place to place, always looking for complicity. Hence, the crowd was following each movement as if it were a dance. Catharsis came to the root, that dialogue with the girl I was that, no matter how many setbacks I had, never went away. A tribute to all that lifts us up as people. “I keep crossing rivers, I walk in bushes, I love the sun. Every day I pluck the thistles out of my heart, you sang before giving way to the chorus that had the audience in a trance. Contagious to the marrowFar from frightening the shadows and making them taboo, she led a campaign of mass cleansing, drawing them in to understand her. And why, to give them the value that fear and ignorance have taken from them. Take us to the field, Natalia. Come on, yeah. The one who made you happy without stress. who, shrouded in thick fog, allowed you to explore your home. There is where I understood that without foundations there is no worthy honor.

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