Take off the turban from the ayatollahs

Iranian youth continue to defy the regime despite the brutal repression they suffer thousands of lives. Now they have launched a new form of protest to ridicule the Islamic government of the ayatollahs. This is nothing but removing the turban from the Shiite ayatollahs.

The new form of youth protest is to take off the turbans of the clergy whose leaders impose rules on the morality police, rules that violate human rights. These agents detained the young Iranian DrMasha Amini is of Kurdish descent for wearing the hijab incorrectly and ends up dying at the police station.

In recent days, videos have been repeated on social media in which runaway boys and girls remove their headscarves from religious people and throw them to the ground. Totally a symbol

This initiative, which is widespread in many parts of the country, has caused some clerics to tie their turbans. This new form of protest is added, in addition to street demonstrations, to images of women taking off their headscarves in public or cutting a lock of their hair.

Another unusual event showing how young people are defying the system this week when students at a university tore down a wall dividing the separation between men and women.

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