Taiwan fears it will be the “Ukraine of tomorrow” because of the Chinese threat

China’s threat and unwavering aspirations are making Taiwan prepare for the worst. The self-governing island today announced an extension Compulsory military service for their youth. Starting in 2024, this will move from the current four months to one year.

This was announced this afternoon, local time, at an extraordinary press conference, by the Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen. “As long as Taiwan remains strong enough, it will be the home of democracy and freedom all over the world, Not a battlefield”, emphasized the president upon revealing her decision, which she described as “extremely difficult,” though “also necessary,” to prepare the territory for a hypothetical Chinese attack.

This measure assumes, in fact, that a decline has occurred. Prior to compulsory military service he had for three yearswhich was reduced to two months in 1990 and one in 2008. With the introduction of voluntary service in 2017, recruits began serving the still valid four months.

“Taiwan wants to tell the world that between democracy and dictatorship, we firmly believe in democracy. Between war and peace We insist on peace. Let us show our courage and determination to protect our homeland and defend democracy.”

The move comes at a time when China is once again increasing military pressure on the island, which it considers rebel county who never gave up subjugating her by force. During the 20th Congress of the Communist Party held in Beijing in October, Xi Jinping reiterated his commitment to completing “national reunification” during his opening speech.

Frequent raids

It took place on Monday Chinese forces enter In the air fixing area of ​​Taiwan. Seven dozen aircraft, including fighter jets and drones, stormed the space monitored by the area, and about forty of them crossed the center line, the unofficial section that separates the two sides of the Formosa Strait.

Hostilities reached new heights in August this year after the official visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and as such, the third power in the country, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who has become the largest power in North America in a quarter of a century … to set foot The island. There, he reiterated the commitment to defend the territory. «We will not abandon youTsai confirmed during their personal meeting.

The move comes as China once again increases military pressure on the island, which it considers a rebellious province that has never renounced its subjugation by force.

After his departure, China launched unprecedented military maneuvers, and launched several maneuvers Ballistic missiles He deployed his forces around the island in a mock blockade, a maneuver that would be necessary in the face of an invasion that would require the largest amphibious assault in history. Since then, the United States has also increased its military and weapons support to the island, and will, in fact, contribute to the training of reservists.

regional hostility

With this extension of conscription, Taiwan is following in the footsteps of its neighbors in an increasingly hostile region, the “Ukraine of tomorrow,” as Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida notes. Japan announced last week a significant increase in your defense budget, which intends to embark on a sudden rearmament. From the next fiscal year and over the next five years, the country will allocate 43 trillion yen (306,000 million euros) for its defense, so its military investment will rise to 2% of GDP, a level that doubles the current one.

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