Sylvester Stallone Retires from The Expendables After 12 Years

Actor Sylvester Stallone has confirmed he will retire from The Expendables film series. As is known, he has been involved in the film made by Lionsgate for 12 years. This was revealed by him in a video upload on Instagram showing himself walking around the shooting location of The Expendables 4. “The last Expendables for me. Today is the last day of filming, it’s time to go home,” said Stallone through the video caption as quoted on Tuesday (19/19). /10/2021).


Stallone also said the decision to leave the series he helped launch was a tough one, although he said he was ready to pass the baton on to co-star Jason Statham. But he is still grateful to have given the best of his version for the film. “But the greatest thing is being able to provide film (and) entertainment (where) maybe there’s a little message there, because what I’m trying to convey in my successful films is the human touch,” said Stallone.

“There’s not so much action; the action shows by itself. But it just relates to the audience in a way that they can identify with any mission, with the characters at hand.” In The Expendables 4, Stallone reprises his role as Barney Ross, the leader of an elite group of mercenaries traveling the world on all kinds of missions, from assassination to rescue. Scott Waugh is directing the fourth installment of the film, and other actors such as Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture, along with the addition of new characters played by Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, 50 Cent and others will be involved.

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