swimming pools | Dryness affects its fullness

Summer is just around the corner and with it the desire to take a dip in the pool. Despite the current times and severe droughts, these ponds can be affected when they open, especially due to the lack of water.

Andalusia is one of the regions of Spain with the most swimming pools. In total, it has 290,542 swimming pool But because of the rise drought this year Those who did not keep water from past years could not be filled.

heat risk

As the heat advances, many companies like emasesa They were responsible for providing water to fill the ponds. In addition, he indicated that it is forbidden to fill these surfaces with drinking water if these dry conditions continue in this way.

Most of the swimming pools in Andalusia are in illegal homes, and they are responsible for filling them with water from wells dug and without the permission of any federation. These conditions have caused many wells in the surrounding area to run dry, as has happened to the wells in Karamonalocated in Seville.

Complexes by numbers

They built in our country 1,266,000 swimming pools, Which translates to an average of 2.7 swimming pools per 100 residents. As a general rule, cities with the most swimming pools usually meet one of these requirements: high income, high level of illegal housing, or strong tourism activity.

Some notable sites are Carmona (Seville), with a swimming pool or Otura (Grenada), with a pool for every 4 people; And in Jaén, the municipality of La Guardia, with one for every 4.3 inhabitants.

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As for the Andalusian capitals, Cadiz is the worst. with a swimming pool for every 10,000 registered people, followed by Jaén, with one for every 1,100 inhabitants. Cordoba leads the ranking with a swimming pool per 29 inhabitants and Malaga, with a swimming pool per 100 inhabitants.

As far as Andalusian marshes are concerned, they are not having their best moment either, since most of them are below 30% of their capacity, Grand Valley Basin In the worst case, about 25%. On the other hand, Mediterranean basins are about 37% on average with Guadalete-Barbati Basin 28.34% of its total capacity.

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