Sustainable Fashion | The British crown’s taste for Zamora fashion

This is not the first time this has been done Brand Zamora Marae Kids It jumps into the international press through a photo the The British royal family, but that doesn’t mean they stop being inquisitive and surprising in equal parts. He trusted the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Catherine again The good cut and excellent quality of these coats for the middle daughter go traditional Easter mass With one of Zamora’s models: a boiled navy blue wool coat, in shades similar to those worn by the rest of the family in this formal business.

“We have no direct connection to the British royal family at all,” jokes Raul Escudero of the Coreses factory, who is proud that his creations are once again in the news. “we We sell in stores all over the world And one of them is Amaia Kids, which is located in the London borough of Chelsea. This is where they buy our coats, as well as other clothes of different brands for children, ”explains the businessman.

Bet on insurance

On this occasion, Catalina bets again on Zamoran costumes to dress her daughter for Easter. In fact, Escudero counts up to seven Marae Kids coats stored in the cupboards of their Adelaide Cottage home, where they’ve lived since last September. “at least, Carlotta has seven coats from our collectionEscudero wrote, highlighting that garnet — the first the Zamora brand has launched in British tabloids — for a girl’s first day of school in 2018 and another piece, this time in green, that she wore to the 2019 Christmas Eucharist. Last year he’d worn the same navy coat twice, so obviously that’s it bet on Sustainable fashion,” they say from the factory located in the cores.

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A safe bet when it comes to high-quality clothing It can last for years and yearssays the man from Zamora. The raw material is cooked wool, very much appreciated in countries like Great Britain,” he specifies. A quality appreciated, above all, in China, the country where Marae exports most of its creations ”then we also sell to other places such as the United States or Japan or South Korea”, enumerates the businessman. Italy was added to this long list last year, where they attended a textile fair with their proposals and the response was more than satisfactory, because it “occupied” several shops that now distribute their creations in different regions of the neighboring country.

Export boom

When they started exporting abroad – which currently accounts for 70% of textile production – they looked at the Northern European market, but other customers chose them. “It’s an expensive product,” they admitted of the company, “but this It is highly regarded abroad, almost more than in SpainThey compare.

This quality makes them members in their own right of the Federation of Craft Organizations of Castilla y León (Foacal), highlighting their handiwork, with a tradition that goes back more than four decades, when the small family business appeared in Villarrín de Campos. , together with the knitting factory Zaust Textil. “At that time they started making ski clothes,” says Raúl Escudero, not because he lived in it, still in his mother’s womb at the time, but because of his parents’ stories.

Along with apparel to withstand the cold temperatures and enjoy the snow, the business has expanded with hunting apparel, primarily with a male clientele in mind. “Little by little, we were adapting to the times,” says Escudero, who explains that women’s fashion was the company’s badge until the year of the pandemic, 2020, leading to a growing taste among its customers for children’s clothing. “It was a huge sales explosion,” he thanks, emphasizing that the image of a young Charlotte Wills in this maroon coat in 2018 was not the beginning of the internationalization of the Zamora brand. “We have been betting on the foreign market for some time And this intense work had such good results,” he said.

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From Villarín to Coreses

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One of the most significant changes was the relocation of the original factory in Villarrín de Campos to a more modern factory in Coreses, thirteen years ago. This is as far as they consider it From the best materials To make their creations, cooked wool, already dyed, is from Austria, although the origin is South America. “We love this material from that region because, in addition to the quality it is proud of, the excellent treatment given to animals is added,” he estimates as a point in favor of this option.

In the actualidad, the los hermanos Raúl and Manoli son of the socios of this empresa familiar, that he has sabido adaptarse the los caprichos of the mod y hacerse a hueco en est mercado, con la anyuda de los 17 trabajadores que confeccionan prendas que disfrutan families de todo the world.

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