Suspicions of dangerous relations between Macron and a business consulting firm

The Parque National Finance (PNF)the equivalent of the Special Group for the Investigation and Prosecution of Economic Crimes of the Office of the State Prosecutor, in Spain, has opened a preliminary investigation to clarify the role that the Council of Ministers could have played McKinsey & Co In Emmanuel Macron’s victorious election campaigns in 2017 and last spring.

The PNF suspects that Macron may have taken advantage of him “special tips” that once he was elected and re-elected president, he was able Pay with special benefits For some leaders of the Cabinet of Business Councils. Macron reacted this way: «If the justice system deems it appropriate to investigate, it will naturally do so freely. For my part, I am very calm.

The PNF decided to take the step based on a series of accusations, denouncing the benefits that Macron and some McKinsey & Company leaders were able to exchange. They will not, in the end, be direct economic advantages. Can generously advise and “Paid” positions with some responsibilitygenerously from public money.

Opening this investigation does not prejudge the future of the final operation. Then an NFP can Specifically initiate the judicial process, blaming or removing any suspicions about Macron’s behavior, personally or related to a strategic consulting firm for large corporations. Under other circumstances, the decision would have sparked a political firestorm. On this occasion, the generalized crisis of the entire political arc seems far from politicizing the issue.

To the far left, there is a file Scandals of sexual harassment and violence They seem to advise wisdom. In the Socialist Party and the French Communist Party, the crises of the big parties do not call for serious exposure either. On the traditional right, firm condemnations of Nicolas Sarkozy They do not advocate political exploitation. To the far right, family twilight Le PenWrapped in a rosary of pending operations, it is no catalyst for the political exploitation of Emmanuel Macron’s potential court cases.

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