Susana Griso Live | Susana Griso’s lack of direct respect sparked controversy on social networks: “Disrespectful and rude”

There are many advantages to doing a live program in the media, but there are also some disadvantages. In a program “public mirror” This Thursday Susana Griso He had a moment of extreme shame, as he thought he was speaking off camera and criticizing the reporter who was living at the time without any kind of filter.

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All this happened while the young woman was interviewing Eric, an opponent who had taken a very important test and had been locked in the bathroom minutes before. “Navy , I want you to introduce us to Eric nowMoghaddam said antenna 3 To the young reporter who was next to the opponent, outside the group. But the moment Griso disappeared from the camera, he heard her say to him: “Forgive me. This girl whose name I don’t even know doesn’t interest me to see her“.

A misplaced comment quickly spread across social networks and that users were not slow to comment, and would in some cases come to dismiss it as “Disrespectful and rude.”

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