Surviving contestant forced to undergo ‘life or death’ surgery: ’47 stitches in the chest’

Survivors is one of the most popular and successful reality shows on Spanish television. Broadcast by Telecinco, this program has been a success since its premiere in 2000 and remains one of the most watched programs on national television.

Survivor Format is simple yet effective. A group of contestants are sent to a deserted island where they have to survive several weeks without luxuries or amenities. During their time on the island, the contestants participate in challenges and trials to earn food, water, and other resources. In addition, they have to get along with each other, which usually generates tensions and conflicts. A contestant of Survivientes 2021, Carlos Alba has returned to Sálvame after a long time away from television, and he has done so to become a jury in the first edition of the gastronomic competition Sálvame Torrija.

While visiting for a Telecinco afternoon program, the chef also told us about a recent health problem he had overcome that was about to cost him his life. Having already recovered, the chef told us the details of the intervention he had to undergo. On October 18, 2022, the former Survivientes 2021 contestant sent a message to his followers via Instagram and explained that he was going to undergo heart surgery. An intervention for which he had to spend 9 days in the intensive care unit and had to have 47 stitches in his chest.

After watching a video summary of the intervention in our program, the chef could not control his feelings: “I keep seeing the pictures and I can’t believe it, I feel emotional”, Carlos Alba explained to the clients of “Sálvame”.

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Civilian explained that he did not show any symptoms and that they discovered that he was suffering from a problem during a routine examination: “Because of the displacement I made with my elbow, they discovered sudden death,” he explained. “I have to thank the survivors, because I did the review thanks to that,” he stated.

In the moments before the operation, Carlos Alba made it clear that he didn’t say goodbye to his family, because he knew everything would turn out well: “When I walked in there, I panicked when I saw all the instruments of the operating room,” he declares.

He asserts that, in large part, his recovery was faster due to his mental strength: “When I woke up, the first thing I thought was that I wanted to see my family. Later, when they took me to the ground, I said I wanted to walk and develop myself.” He attributes his speedy recovery to this. .

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Wherever she steps, Adara leaves her mark and we are sure that her participation in the most extreme reality show on Telecinco will not leave anyone indifferent. She’s a TV guru, yes, but do you remember what she did before working on it? 2016 was a historic year, a history that must be studied in schools and universities, since that was the moment we met Adara Molinero, the woman who gave us such good moments on Telecinco. The series revealed what his past was like. Diving into our newspaper library, we found the video of the presentation he recorded before entering the Guadalix de la Sierra house in 2016 and were able to tell what job he had. He was dressed as a flight attendant and from the airport. This was his last job, Adara Molinero explained: “My base was in Barcelona, ​​and flights left from there all over Europe and some places in Africa and Russia,” he says.

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She has stated that she had always wanted to be a flight attendant because she loved traveling and seeing new places, however, after devoting herself to it for a while, she decided to quit: “I felt a little exhausted from spending so much time away from my family. I broke up hard.” from my partner and I needed to break away from everything and start from scratch.”

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