Surfin’ Bichos Return: Pioneers of Spanish indie music release new songs after 30 years

“for me Browse bugs It has always been my soul group. During all this time, in addition to projects with groups, I have been doing solo concerts, and in my repertoire there have always been songs by Surfin ‘Bichos & rdquor ;. He tells it calmly and directly Fernando Alfarosinger and composer for the band Albacete, which was ahead of indie at the end of the 80s and have now reunited to release new songs three decades after their last album, storm friend.

Alvaro gave interviews to the media throughout the day on the occasion of the launch behind It’s May 5th at the offices of Sonido Muchacho’s record label, where the buzz and frenzy make striking up a conversation a real challenge. However, the singer maintains his ability to reason and build emotional landscapes. Say, for example, how His new album features the time it was conceived, Full Pandemic. The album is very conceptual, and it’s called behindHe conjures it, because death is very present in him. After ten years living in Barcelona, ​​the artist has returned to his roots after a breakup, and this is where COVID 19 left him confined. Secluded in an 1880 mansion in the Sierra de Albacete, Álvaro combined composition with walks of 12 kilometers in several courtyards and nights of hustle and bustle. “At night, in the house, there were ghosts, and there was the afterlife. In the pandemic, we’ve all seen death up close in some way, and I’m not in favor of forgetting it with the stroke of a pen like we do, and that’s why They talk about the end of the world on record& rdquo;, the account.

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The singer-songwriter explains that the album is made up of independent songs, and that “the pandemic does not mediate the theme of the album, it does not talk about the epidemic, but it affected it. Suddenly you find yourself locked in a house with a ban on going out, always writing about what you lack ” Nostalgia for the lost and the need to cross borders They are, in Fernando Alfaro’s words, very important drivers of record operation.

Alvaro was looking for solitude after an emotional breakup and found himself in a forced isolation that crystallized into the handful of songs that are now a new Surfin’ Bichos album thanks to human closeness and affection. “I live in the simple again, where all the members of the group continue to live and this pure physical closeness comes back, because we already had an emotional closeness,” the singer explains. “Suddenly we were together, and I always acted in a group way when thinking about music. I compose on my own, but when it came time to record that music, I prefer to work with close people, and if it is emotionally even better” the goal. The expected engagement of his daughter Natalya (who is presenting her music project for the first time these days, Leah Lyon) and share a friend as Joaquin Reyes In the drawing section of behind I just confirmed that it’s a personal rough drive.

The person who also leads other projects such as Mutt also Fernando Alfaro and the Aliens He confirms it, though personally behind It’s “another record in a succession of records I’ve been putting out with one project or another, it’s another milestone in my development ” it’s all in line so that this record was Surfin’ Bichos’ first record reference with new songs.”These songs, with them, It would have a personality that fit the concept of the album very well, which is very jarring, as Surfin’ Bichos has always been to me. This constant contrast between radical bellowing and pure tenderness” Highlights.

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Three decades might seem like an unfathomable space to unite two milestones in the band’s discography, but the case of Surfin’ Bichos, as in almost everything else, is an exception. despite of The Manchegan formation officially broke up in the mid-1990sits members have remained active in projects such as mercromindog, or Belly burrito And they never lost touch and affection, so much so that they met up on several occasions in time to tour live over the decades. Tours allowed them to play live songs they hadn’t previously championed on stage, and that, Alvaro says, now makes it easier for them to blend into a repertoire known and respected by the group’s fans.

behind It preserves the essence of bewilderment and sadness that characterized Surfin’ Bichos b The sound update is inevitable It includes tools that evoke light and a personal Mediterranean atmosphere literally in one such name, Mediterranean light. A record that builds bridges between the past and the present in a country that used to burn. “Fricide is something very strange for our country, but I think what is happening now is much more serious, it’s kind of progressive stupidity, I’m afraid. It bothers me to admit it because I live in these times and I have daughters, ”says Fernando Alfaro. With their ability to create from oddities, Surfin’ Bichos extend the myth of a group that has always succeeded in the difficult task of coming out of difference.

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