Super Mario Bros | Video games overthrow superheroes on movie screens

Now that’s a torch the movieswho uses cinema Super herosWell, it’s a bit farThe success of the new movie depends on the video game Super Mario Bros It puts on the table a possible change in terms of the interests of the general public.

It is true that perks like that of Mission: Impossible also Indiana Joneswhose latest releases contain everything overwhelmingly earmarked for upcoming summer releases, continues to meet expectations.

But the same is not true of the Marvel movies. or from the capital, with diminishing interest -Except for Batman It starred Robert Pattinson and was released in March of last year – and grossed somewhat less, despite the fact that it did Can’t talk about failure And in some cases, they were again blockbusters.

So, Shazam: Wrath of the Gods! It has already recovered investments of around 114 million euros in just one month; Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverwhich hit theaters at the end of 2022, it collected 780 million euros and cost 227; and the last to be released, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniadoubled in income what it cost, just over 180 million.

Symptoms of burnout

The commercial machines work, although the interest in proposals arising from the Marvel and DC cinematic universes is not the same. The ideas, and with them the characters and the intersections between them, begin to give Symptoms of burnout.

And despite that axiom of the classic era of American cinema that said so in Hollywood You deserve what your last movie deservesIt’s true that the world’s most powerful film industry has no problem revamping itself when things don’t go as profitably as expected.

the Video games, which have maintained a love-hate relationship with cinemaas a valid alternative in search of new prospects, spectators and profits.

Video games, which have maintained a love-hate relationship with cinema, are emerging as a valid alternative in the search for new prospects, viewers and profits.

This seems to attest to that remarkable success Super Mario Bros.: The Movieas the numbers go, cost is always pretty cool but accurate Around 90 million euros, it was already profitable only in the first weekend Premiere in the US and Canada and sparked More than 500 million Around the World—estimated to remain close to 600 on Sunday—replacing what has so far been the best animated film in history, Frozen II (2019): Nintendo won the game over Disney.

In Spain, it premiered on April 5, at the gates of Holy Week, Super Mario Bros.: The Movie It ranks first at the box office with more than eight million euros and 1,267,000 viewers, which is said to be close. Cheaper and more profitable than the live-action and digital post-production adventures of Ant-Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and The Avengers in full.

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For the repercussions of this movie on brothers Mario and Luigi, literal plumbers are introduced to a parallel universe called Mushroom to fight giant Koopas turtles. The movie focuses on the first video game in the series. assumed success The last of usthe HBO series It is based on the video game Naughty Dog created for PlayStation 3 console in 2013.

Both for the subject matter – a post-apocalyptic pandemic, global quarantine, the story of cannibalism – and its style and way of acting, led by Peter Pascalthe actor is able to transition from being the hidden face of the The Mandalorian For a star in gay westerns Pedro Almodóvar, The last of us It has become another of the biggest phenomena flow of our time.

Its adequacy in terms of visual style and plotting owes much to the original video game, as it does in practically all of its sequels Super Mario Bros.: The Movie – Character creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, was involved as producer – but with a breath of his own that sets it apart from the previous video game-based films that They could not find a middle ground between the two.

commercial dartboard

Because although this animated adventure of the plumber brothers met its commercial intent, the live-action adaptation that was directed in 1993, Super Mario Bros, the expected echo was not found. The film’s directors, Annabel Junkel and Rocky Morton, came up with a lot of ideas under their arms. They were my creators Max headrooma 1985 TV series that took a following model late show American television With the peculiarity that its driver was an individual created by artificial intelligence.

Super Mario Bros It was a jump-start for the big production, and despite outstanding visual ideas and fine performances by Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as Mario and Luigi as he encounters King Koopa and his army of slimy-crawlers, it marked the beginning of a relationship of conflict between the two cinematics. and video games.

The different thing is the use of these language elements Horror, adventure, conspiracy or action games and their application to different cinematic novels. It began to take place on the fringes of auteur or indie cinema: a brutal, ruthless fight scene within big boy (2003) directed by Park Chan-wook filmed by or following high school teens through the corridors of the elephant By Gus van Sant, also filmed in 2003, with the camera at the back of the characters neck adopting the point of view of several shooting and stalking video games.

Over time, the device moved to a larger production stage, Case 1917 (2019) by Sam Mendes, which makes as much use of first-person video game techniques as references Stanley Kubrick from Paths of glory (1957) to show the evolution of soldiers inside narrow trenches and shift the viewer to the center of the show as it happens to a video game player.

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Title saturation

When cinema began to feel a The new vein in these productsThe films followed one another until saturation. None of those carried out between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s are relevant. It was intended to adapt the mechanics of the video game to large-scale cinema and the two languages ​​were mixed.

Between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, there was a saturation of films inspired by video games, but none of them were relevant.

One of the first was Mortal Kombat (1995), based on the martial arts video game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias in 1992. Christopher Lambert’s messianic presence with long, straight, grizzled hair gave everyone a comical look, but the movie itself, in its faithfulness to the original game, revealed one One of the most important problems with this type of film is its stripping of everything plot. The film remained in a series of battleswhich is fine for video game development but not enough for a cinematic story (later it is true that the saga will arrive John Wickwhich without being a video game has aspects of these, and you will question these considerations).

In the early days, Jean-Claude Van Damme could not miss starring in an action video game version. Street Fighter: The 1994 movie is such rubbish that it will end up being almost a cult movie. Germany’s Uwe Boll would downgrade the video game classic even more, turning it into a Cheap horror products and gore in House of the dead (2003) and Alone in the dark (2005).

silent hill (2006) directed by Christophe Gans, a good maker of adventure films with disturbing atmospheres, such as Wolf Charter– and screenplay by Roger Avary – Quentin Tarantino’s friend and director Kill Zoe-, but its cinematic adaptation of a popular Konami video game was too pretentious.

vampire (2002) was one of the better films, tapping into the general genre of zombie pandemic stories, but several films have been shot — six as of 2017, all starring Milla Jovovich — as well as one Reboot In 2021 and a recent TV series, the originality of this saga inspired by the standard game of Japanese company Capcon has been completely transformed.

Women’s leadership

Also with a lead female lead, but bigger production logistics and a star fronting cast, Angelina Joliein 2001 and 2003 two film installments of Tomb rider, The successful franchise of video games, anime, comics and films about the adventures of archaeologist Lara Croft. They mix Core Design’s originality with adventures in the style of Indiana Jones, and despite the lower assumptions, it’s something More faithful to the original game The third film in the series starring Alice Vikander in 2018.

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Specifically, my husband is this actress, Michael Fassbenderwould explain with Marion Cotillard over an accepted version of Doctrine killer (2016), a combination of Adventure, barbarism and time travel anointed, in his reading of the film, with a certain Baroque and Shakespearean thickness — its director, Justin Kurzel, had just made a version of Macbeth With the same interpreters, but nicely adapting traditional video game narrative perspectives.

Technically improved, although hesitant at the plot level, the latest films about video games have confirmed, bit by bit, Renewed interest in Hollywood studios On the subject, they are convinced that teens and young adults consuming video consoles are best suited to fill movie theaters in crisis since before the pandemic. The age range is perfect.

Gorillas, hedgehogs and adventures

The films that came out are a little different. For some, it isn’t much advertised that they’re starting from a video game, just in case Project Frenzy (2018), about a primate played by Dwayne Johnson — who already seems like a video game actor in his own right — and a silver-backed gorilla, based on the now-defunct 1986 creation from Midway Games.

Others are based on very visible success, such as unknown (2022), in which Tom Holland gives life—through the streets of Barcelona, ​​among other locations—to young adventurer Nathan Drake; The movie is directly produced by PlaySation and Naughty Dog. Meteoric has also had a film career My voice, the blue hedgehog action figure from Sega. In 2020, the first film was shot, and two years later, the second film, which is a combination of animation and real picture, is ready.

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Perhaps the best of all is Mansi today Final Fantasy: The Force Is Within (2001), an American production directed by Japanese Hironobu Sakaguchi and Motonori Sakakibara, and based on an action role-playing video game created by the first of them in 1987. In addition to well adapting the original, Another post-apocalyptic story About an Earth that has been devastated by an alien race, the film is a major breakthrough in the field of photorealistic computer animation.

But then that aesthetic did not convince, The movie was a flop The losses amounted to more than 100 million euros. One of the great (and unfair) blows in the history of the complex relationship between movies and video games.

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