Sunak fires Conservative Party chairman over tax scandal

the tax violations Committed by the former head of the Conservative Party, Nadim Zahawi, finally cost him his job, after a week in which it looked like the news was about to fall. Finally, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, took the decision on Sunday to sack him, a late decision for some members of the party.

But Sunak wanted to wait for the conclusions of Laurie Magnus, the ethics advisor for the conservative formation, who finally indicated in his report that Al-Zahawi had committed a “serious violation of ministerial law,” after he learned that he had agreed to pay five million to the treasury. £ (about 5.7 million euros) when he was Minister of Finance for non-compliance with your tax responsibilities Previously, the amount that includes the payment of taxes plus the relevant fine. The problem is also that the person who was also in charge of the vaccination program during the Covid-19 pandemic never reported that he was under investigation by the British Treasury, neither when Boris Johnson appointed him head of the portfolio nor in subsequent changes. Governments, first with Liz Truss and then with Sunak.


As for the ethics advisor, Al-Zahawi did not comply with the requirements of the Ministerial Code to declare any conflicts of interest, so he did not show “sufficient respect for the general principles of the Ministerial Code” expected fromAn honest, open-minded and idealistic leaderHis behavior was “below the high standards that the prime minister rightly expects from those who serve in his government.” For several days, various conservative voices have asked the “prime minister” to fulfill his promise to form a government of “integrity and professionalism.” and responsibility at all levels,” they also pressured Zahawi to resign.

“This has been in the headlines for days on end and it’s been causing it Huge damage to the government“It’s him and the party,” declared “Conservative” Michael Portillo, and added, “He’s had a chance to get rid of him before,” so he “will face some criticism for taking so long…”. He added, “It pains me to say this, but I think in general That makes Rishi look weak,” but Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said it was the right thing for the prime minister to wait for the ethics adviser’s conclusions before dismissing Al-Zahawi.

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